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Rock the Plaid: Plaidurday!

The people at Plaid love to have fun! That’s why when we heard about Plaidurday a couple years ago, we of course had to be a part of it. Just in case you aren’t as plaid-savvy as we are, Plaidurday is a worldwide day of celebrating the much-loved pattern of plaid. This year, we took our plaid-iness to a whole new level with a pretty amazing plaid cake and special guest Mod Podge Glossy donning a giant plaid scarf.

Also new to the party this year was our adorable googly-eyed plaid paintbrush. You know those amazingly creative projects you’ve seen us feature? Well, those are mostly made by our design team, which includes the very talented Julie and Sherrie (giving kisses to the paintbrush below, which they ‘plaid-ly’ created for this year’s event). We’re grateful for the opportunity as Plaid Enterprises to be a part of a creative industry where we can have fun while helping you in your own pursuit of joy and creativity.


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