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June 22 2015

Land That We Love: 12 Patriotic Party DIYs

Now that summer is officially here, we can't wait to dive in! Next up? A 4th of July Party! We've rounded up 12 of the best DIY ideas to help make your event summer's biggest blockbuster, starting with this cool recycled flag made from  pallet wood (above)! 

Next, we're loving the rustic look of bushel barrels, especially when paired with festive stripes! These are perfect for light snacks like potato chips, pretzels or popcorn. 

Painted Bushel Barrels using Martha Stewart Crafts paint via A Night Owl Blog

Let the little ones paint to their heart's content, then glue craft sticks into star shapes to make this garland! 

Star Garland via Epicurious 

The Mod Melter works great to adhere things like ribbon - use it to make these super easy centerpieces. 

Burlap Mason Jars via My Frugal Adventures 

Don't forget to keep cool and be sure to use a drink party tub to keep your guests refreshed! 

Drink Party Tub via Plaid Online 

Give your party decor the finishing touch, with free printable banners, like these two from Thoughts from Alice and a nautical themed banner via Tater Tots and Jello (below)! 

"Freedom" Free Printable 

Now that we've got our party decor in place, our event wouldn't be complete without games! A custom Bean Bag Toss game is super easy and inexpensive with Apple Barrel - plus it's a game for all ages! 

We also love this idea from Uncommon Designs Online - use glass canisters and FolkArt Chalkboard Paint to create a "Fun and Games Station," complete with sparklers! 

Games Station via Uncommon Designs 

For the final win, make this kid-friendly DIY Patriotic Bowling Set!

Bowling Set via Hobby Lobby 

Keep the red, white and blue going with this adorable take on the flag using our new Fabric Creations block printing stamps and soft fabric ink.

Stamped Flag Tee via The Cards We Drew

 We'll leave you with one last fun idea to 'wear' - DIY your own temporary tattoos to showcase your love for the stars and stripes! 
DIY Temporary Tattoo Free Printable Artwork via Persia Lou 


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DIY Plushy Floor Pillows
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January 10 2014

DIY Plushy Floor Pillows

These cushy floor pillows not only make an adorable accent in your home but they're great for entertaining, too! I love entertaining outdoors and while there, stacks of plushy pillows are where you can find me lounging all season long! So you can get in on the fun I created an easy to sew free pillow pattern just for you! The hip patterns were created with FolkArt Handmade Charlotte Stencils.


Canvas  (enough for at least two 25” x 25” squares depending on how many pillows you want to make!)
Water-soluble pen
Gridded cutting ruler
FolkArt acrylic Paint
Stencil brushes/pouncers and paint brush (for large dot)
Yarn (for tassel making) *optional*
Pillow Stuffing (or pillow form)
Sewing machine + thread
Tassel Tutorial – Found Here

FolkArt Handmade Charlotte Stencils:

4364 Celestial
4366 Frames
4365 Labels
4369 Party



Arrow Pattern

Grid repeat size for arrows pattern: 3 ½” wide x 4 ½” high. Trace these dimensions onto your fabric using a water-soluble pen and a cutting ruler. Cut down the stencil around the arrows to the above-mentioned size. Simply lay the stencil over the grid you’ve already created on the fabric, flipping the stencil upside down in every other box. Once you’re ready to start the next row, lay that stencil down opposite what it is directly above it.  (Ex. If the stencil in the box above is facing up, you’ll begin this row with the stencil upside down and continue with the same opposite pattern)

Large Scale Polka Dot Pattern

Cut down the edges around the circle to a ¾” square. Begin by lining up the edges of your template with the squared edges of your fabric.
Once you move down to the second row, find the center point in-between the two circles above; center the next circle on that line and trace. This is called a half-brick repeat pattern.

Small Dots Pattern

We just threw caution to the wind on this one and just started laying the pattern down at random! This is a sort of “tossed pattern” if you will.

Triangle Pattern

Simply reverse the direction the triangles point with each row. “Up, down, Up, down, etc.”

“Moroccan” inspired design

For this design, we chose to simply tile the stencil 5 times onto the fabric.



For Fiberfill – With RIGHT sides together, sew around nearly all four corners of the pillow at ½” seam allowance, leaving a small opening (enough to fit a handful of stuffing through) at the bottom of the pillow. Flip pillow to right sides out and fill. Hand stitch the opening closed or sew over opening with a machine.

For Pillow Form – Follow the same instructions as above; just leave a larger open space at the bottom of the pillow to fit the form inside. We recommended sewing this unfinished seam closed by machine. Or, if you’re feeling really fancy, put a zipper in that seam.


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