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Get your imagination humming with these projects and techniques.

  • DIY Marquee Letter
    Your family will love using Antique Mod Podge to add a vintage look to create DIY marquee letters!

  • Handmade Candle Holder
    Looking for handmade candle holder ideas? Make a frosted candle holder with Ultra Matte Chalk Mod Podge and add glitter with Collage Clay!

  • Lamp Shade DIY Project
    Alter a plain lampshade with your favorite decorator fabrics and Fabric Mod Podge.

  • Easy DIY Lamp Makeover
    Learn how to use Antique Mod Podge to add a vintage look to a marquee letter, alter a plain lampshade with your favorite fabric and Fabric Mod Podge, and make a frosted...

  • Personalized Greek Picture Frames
    This set of Greek picture frames will look great on your dorm room wall!

  • DIY Greek Room Decor
    Celebrate your sorority with this Greek room decor!

  • Cute Dorm Room Decoration
    Pin pictures and reminders on this corkboard, a super-cute dorm room decoration!

  • Greek Sorority T-Shirt
    This t-shirt is great DIY Greek sorority clothing!
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