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March 10 2014

Get Organized for Spring and a Special Giveaway!

As we continue to celebrate National Craft Month, we've got another awesome giveaway for you! We introduced you to Martha Stewart Crafts® Mad About Color Series, and one lucky winner will win the March 2014 Macaron-Inspired Paint Kit. Keep reading to enter the giveaway at the end of this post.

We all know Martha's the go-to genius when it comes to all things home, so we're sharing eight favorite DIY projects that you can do in an afternoon to help you get organized for spring this month! Many of the projects are a perfect fit for the Martha Stewart Crafts® Craft Paint Kit or Decoupage lines, which you can find in the Plaid Store. 

Be sure to enter the giveaway through March 18th, and share the contest with your crafty cohorts! 

Clothespin Organizers Tutorial via Martha Stewart

We're wild about this simple - and doable - project to brighten up your fridge, while making life easier to boot! 

Shop Craft Paint Kits

Easy Paint Can Cubby Organizer via Martha Stewart

Is there anyone as creative as Martha that would suggest this chic use of paint cans? We think not. 

Color Coded Clipboards via Martha Stewart

Shop Craft Paint Kits

Another colorful way to get things simply organized.

Washi Tape Stickie Note Calendar Tutorial via Martha Stewart

We can't wait to do this one - and imagine the satisfaction of pitching your (done) to-do list at the end of the day! 

Chalkboard Paint Calendar Tutorial via Martha Stewart

Love this idea for a family calendar or in your home office - so stylish, you'll be thrilled to scribble your upcoming events on here, no matter how packed your schedule. 

Shop Chalkboard Paint

Shutter Organizer Tutorial via Martha Stewart

For the organizing gurus among us, these shutters are a lifesaver.

Decoupaged Desk Tin Organizers Tutorial via Plaid Online

Shop Decoupage

Pretty up some tins to get your desk in 'tin-top' shape.  

Shadow Box Jewelry Holder Tutorial via Martha Stewart

Steal a couple extra minutes of shuteye by making getting ready easy in the mornings.

Be sure to enter the giveaway below! Like us on Facebook to be the first to know about giveaways and get inspiration!


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Comments (84) -

United States Mary Helene

Cleaning out all my scrap paper drawers

Getting the flower bed back order! Smile

Getting ready for spring, I get all my flower pots ready to plant with tomatoes and herbs and of course many of them I refresh the paint on them or paint pretty flowers and such. I also repaint all of my milkcans to line my garden. Can't wait for spring to get here ! Smile

United States barbara macaskill

I go through my cupboards and check the expiration date on all of my box mixes, spices, bottled marinades and canned goods. That way I know what I have and clean out what has overstayed it's welcome!!

Love the projects, but I am not an organizer so I have no tips. M.D.

United States Carla Hundley

I like to plan on
cleaning to get
ready for a reunion
this year. Have
to pick up the
living room first.
Carla from Utah

United States Natasha Johnson

write out a plan... if i dont, i start doing lots of smaller projects all over, and create a big mess before its all one, and it usually takes longer

Love Martha Stewart stuff!!

Cleaning fans with a pillowcase so all the dust doesn't go everywhere.

Start now and clean one or two drawers a day. Sort things into dollar baskets or plastic containers with labels. So much easier later.

Put everything back where you got it from.

This will be great for my grand kids and I!   Lots of ideas what to do with it.

I am organizing my craft room to make it easier for me to find my supplies when I need them. I am using small shoe-sized clear plastic boxes to store tools and supplies that go together. (Lace in one box, ribbons in another box, jewelry findings in another box, etc.) I stack the boxes on my shelf, and since I can see through the boxes, I can quickly find what I am looking for!

I start a whole house clean up one room at a time!  By doing this I won't be tempted to do the whole house in one day and get so tired that I quit!

I go through my paints and brushes and replace them if needed.

United States Tyler J. McCall

I love opening all of the windows and doors and dusting and sweeping everything!

United States Lauralee Hensley

I file my craft idea pages into certain categories, e.g. Spring, Christmas, Misc. Painting etc.., and then on the file folder cover of each category  write where I can find the supplies for project number such and such.   The various project sheets that I have are numbered at the top of the page.  I write in pencil, so once a project is done I can erase the info about where to find the projects supplies. Best to have the supplies in numbered boxes as well and include these in the location notes on the file cover.  If you have a lot of projects in one file category, you may find yourself writing on both the front and back of the file folders.  You may even find yourself with more than one file for a category.  I usually also star the projects I especially like and would like to accomplish first.

Love to be organized!

Organizing my art supplies and garage

I'm trying 40 bags in 40 days.

United States Nancy Griffin

I go through my craft room and purge the things that need to be replaced.  It can be things that are empty, things that need to be replaced because of being dried out or whatever.  Some things need to be cleaned from daily use or over usage.  It's the same a working around your house and keeping it clean and awesome.

Open the windows and start cleaning out my house!  Less is more!!!

My favorite organization idea is to start with my sewing studio. When I find things I forgot I had, I'm all stoked to be creative. Once my studio is reorganized, the rest of the house is a piece of cake.

I find staying organized requires weeding through your stuff at least every six month. Then, your not wasting space with unnecessary things

United States Glenna Anderson

I'm updating my craft room now and if feels great!

Fingers crossed!!

Love these organizing ideas.....can't wait to try some of them.....;)

I like to complete one room at a time. Pick a spot to start and work my way clockwise around the room from top to bottom. When I walk out of the room, it is done.

United States Kristy Oberts

Rearranging my bedroom furniture.  And touching up all walls where painting is needed.  

What did we ever do before we had all the plastic boxes and bins?

One tip that helps find what is inside of plastic or cardboard is to print a picture of what is inside and paste it on the end -- it seems faster to recognize the item than the words!

Love the organizer calendars.

United States Ann Marie Guiel

Love craft and getting ideas

Get rid of any old craft supplies that you don't use anymore. I need to take my own advice! I am going to donate mine to a nursing home.

I particularly like the shutter organizer. I might have to try that this summer, but first I have to rummage around and find a shutter.

I am a huge Martha Stewart fan!!  love your products!

thanks for the contest and giveaway

United States Walter Silva

Love Maratha's craft line!

cleaning out closets of clothes not worn in a year - off to donation they go!

I love the new paint colors and how they can be used to organize the house. My favorite projects were the chalkboard calendar and the jewelry organizer.

United States Beth Parker

Cleaning and organizing the studio for spring is fun.  I like to add flowers!

United States Jennifer McCraw

I'm painting a Creatology wooden puzzle with Plaid paints... looking awesome!

Tidying up the garden and refreshing the planters with paint. Hurry Spring!

Cleaning the baseboards, clean then wipe with a dryer sheet, and it will help repel dust & dirt!

Love the chalkboard calendar and Martha Stewart paints!

United States sheri anderson

Put on some great music while doing your Spring cleaning,  it really helps you stay on task,  thanks!

I have a couple of shutters just ready to paint! Great project. Smile

I am currently trying to organize my craft supplies which appear to be taking over the apartment.

I love the new items Martha Stewart has available.  I love the molds she has along with the punches!!

United States Maureen Hayes

I love to go through all of things and pare down what I own to only what I really need and love and donate the rest.  It helps others and lets me organize what I do have in a manageable way.  Thanks for the great organizing tips and the chance to win these beautiful paints!

Chile maria belen

I love Easy Paint Can Cubby Organizer! Looks awesome and very useful

United States Donna Rosato

I usually start me spring cleaning at the top of the house and work my way down to the basement. This year I am doing the opposite. It's giving me a different perspective on what to keep and where to keep it.

United States Joyce Broome

update my craft room

I see lots of new projects in my future!

Went out and cleaned (organized) the inside of the car.....too soon for the outside as it's still messy outside, but the inside looks great!!

Enjoy getting new ideas to paint and craft with and now I have grandkids to make things for.

United States mary murray

Love the can idea

United States Robin Morris

Cleaning my flower beds and planting flowers.

United States Cathy Robinson

I love the fresh flowers and opening of the windows, a little bit of fresh air makes spring cleaning (and the subsequent purchasing of new craft supplies to replace the old) that much better.

I look forward to setting up my craft area on my outdoor deck where I do all my spray painting.

United States Mary Jo Baird

I keep my craft room neat and tidy ALL the time so to really organize, I give away any supplies I haven't used in a couple of years!  This keeps my supplies fresh and whatever group or charity I give to benefits, too!

United States Joan Santa Cruz

I am organizing my crafting supplies so I can get started on a decoupage project with tins that I was just inspired to do from this blog ~ Thanks so much!!!

United States Kristina Brown

I want to organize my paint by color & maybe on its side or upside down so I can see the color easier.

I liked these organizational ideas & will soon try them.

United States Dorothy Bruner

Love all Martha's stuff.

Throwing the windows open and steam cleaning all the rugs and upholstery.  Best cleaning idea is after cleaning your walls, spring is a great time to get out the paint brushes and put a new coat of paint on them.

Canada Linda Verhallen

I clean all the windows and window treatments to let in all the sunshine come spring. It makes looking outside fresh and bright. Making you want to get out there and enjoy the day.

I love being organized with any means possible!  It helps me be productive!  

I always need to take inventory, reassess my needs, purge the junk, and find new ways to store items still in use & for things that need to go into attic or basement storage...and because I hate this process in general I usually spend ample time creating beautiful storage containers.

United States Misty Lunceford

I have labeled totes in our storage area so I know where everything is so it is easy access

When spring comes i go through everything.  I get rid of clothes i wouldnt wear today, makeup, can goods and baby items.  I hate clutter but i dont like getting rid of stuff i'll use down the road either.  

When spring comes i go through everything.  I get rid of clothes i wouldnt wear today, makeup, can goods and baby items.  I hate clutter but i dont like getting rid of stuff i'll use down the road either.

organize craft supplies then go to Listia to share extras with others and earn free stuff

Everything is so cute!!!

United States Tina Robinson

I am not the most organized person on the planet but I like to go through my work desk and craft desk and clear them out, go through everything (especially things that get crammed back in corners of drawers) and reorganize the entire desk!  Gives a fresh outlook, fresh ideas and puts a smile on my face!  And it is so time to get started!!!

If I have used it in awhile. I donate it to someone who will!

I'm planning an event/schedule planner and a meal planning board. Much needed!

I absolutely loved the Clothespin Organizers project, can't wait to try it Smile !

Organizing different projects in clear cartons.

United States Dean 365designs

While cleaning your linen closets put aside old sheets, towels and blankets to donate to your local animal shelter. The shelter by me is always in desperate need of these. Plus, it will give you an excuse buy those new Egyptian cotton 600 thread count sheets you've been wanting Smile

United States Danielle Crick

I like cleaning all the kids rooms out, and opening windows letting fresh air in the house!

After a thorough Spring cleaning, we'll be adding lots of shelves to my work-in-progress craft room!

These projects look very interesting, might want to try a couple.

United States Angela Conner

I love to open my windows and let the fresh spring breeze come through.  I also go through my closets and spring clean.  

Spring time means YARD SALE! Get rid of clutter while making extra cash Smile

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I need to do this more now than ever. Hubby had a stroke 2 months ago and my workoad tripled. I love taking care of him, but there is alot to do and rememebr. My house is now wrecked.

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