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Wooden Burlap Monogrammed Ornament

By: Sherrie Ragsdale
Sherrie Ragsdale
Sherrie Ragsdale
I have always loved to draw and paint but I didn't really throw myself into it until after I had my first son.  I wanted to be a stay at home mom and at the same time be able to decorate the new home we had just purchased. I taught myself how to use power tools and began to build furniture which I would paint and sometimes sell.  What was once a hobby became a new part-time career which I feel so blessed to be able to do.
A cute little ornament to commemmorate your family Christmas.
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Skill Level: Beginner


Mod Podge ® Silicone Craft Mat
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Mod Podge ® Mod Melts - White Milk Glass
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Mod Podge ® Mod Molds - Gems
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Mod Podge ® Collage Clay - Vanilla White
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FolkArt ® Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paints - Pink Melon, 2 oz.
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Mod Podge ® Glitter - Extreme Glitter, 8 oz.
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Mod Podge ® Sheer Color - Green, 4 oz.
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Mod Podge ® Sheer Color - Aqua, 4 oz.
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Other Supplies
Wooden rectangle ornament with burlap
Blue ribbon
Foam bowl
Liner brush


You can find all the items featured in this project at your local Michaels store!

  1. Squeeze some of the Collage Clay into a bowl and mix a small amount of Pink Melon and stir with the spoon. Cut the corner off the sandwich back and insert the corner into the star tip. Stick your finger inside the bag and then into the opening of the star tip. Wrap the tape around the sandwich bag and the top of the tip while your finger is still in bag. Squeeze the tape so that when the bag is squeeze none of the clay will come out of sides.
  2. Spoon the pink clay into the bag. Close bag and then start making your stars. Cover the outside of the ornament up to the burlap. Make the half balls with the Gem Mold and the Milk Glass melts. Press into the clay.
  3. Paint the white balls with Green Sheer Color. Allow to dry.
  4. On the paper write a letter. Place the paper underneath the mat and then trace with your glue gun. Allow the letter to dry and then remove. Glue it to the center of the ornament and then add the Aqua Sheer Color.
  5. Once everything has dried glue a blue ribbon to the back of the ornament for hanging. Add Extreme Glitter to the collage clay areas. Allow to dry.

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