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Q: What is the best technique to use when applying Waverly Inspirations Antique Wax?
For best results, it is recommended to first apply Waverly Inspirations Clear Wax, let dry and buff. The Clear Wax on the project surface makes it easier to move the Antique Wax around and achieve your desired finish. Then apply Waverly Inspirations Antique Wax on top of the Clear Wax layer. While the Antique Wax is still wet, quickly wipe excess wax off of surface, leaving the dark brown color in the surface recesses.
Wait 24 hours and buff project to desired sheen. Keep waxed surfaces free of moisture and heavy use for 7 days. For additional protection on heavily used surfaces, apply Clear Wax every 6 to 12 months, or as needed. Clean up while wet with soap and water. For indoor use only. The White Wax can be applied the same way as the Antiquing Wax, leaving white color in the recessed areas.


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