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Watercolor Inspired Thermoses

Give your thermos a summery facelift with this melon-colored motif.
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Skill Level: Intermediate


Martha Stewart Crafts ® Large Brush Set - 4pc
Item #32245
Use these brushes for blending, strokework and basecoating. Ergonomically designed, easy-grip handles. Contains 4 white nylon bristle brushes: 1 each #12 round for lines and details, 3/4in and 1in flat for basecoating, blending and strokework, 1-1/2in utility for basecoating.

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Color Paint Set July 2014, 5-2 oz.
Item #MSJUL14
For July, a vibrant summer-inspired palette taken from the cover of Martha Stewart Living! Kit includes full-color instructions for all 3 projects shown. Kit includes following colors: Scallion, Wild Salmon, Pesto, Love Bird, Marmalade.

Other Supplies
Martha Stewart Crafts ® 6oz Tintable Glaze Effect
Cream-colored thermos


  1. For the ombre green striped thermos start with Pesto and mix a little bit of Glazing Medium into the paint. Paint a stripe using any brush size of your choice from the large brush set.  
  2. Continue painting stripes as shown, adding a little Scallion into the paint little by little until you reach your desired color.  
  3. For the vertically striped thermos, mix a little glazing medium into Wild Salmon, Scallion, and Marmalade. Paint loose vertical stripes as shown in a repeating pattern 
  4. For the round dot thermos, mix a little glazing medium into Wild Salmon, Scallion, Marmalade, Love Bird, and Pesto. Loosely paint circles in a random pattern all around the thermos as shown.
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