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Walking Dead Mummy

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Skill Level: Intermediate


Stiffy ® Fabric Stiffener, 8 oz.
Item #1550
Create permanent fabric projects quickly and easily using Stiffy ® Fabric Stiffener with most fabrics. Creates beautiful fabric bows, stiffens needlework. Add lace, ribbon and trims to craft projects or mold or drape dollies and lace.


FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Wicker White, 2 oz.
Item #901
Premium, all-purpose acrylic paint for decorative crafts and home decor. Superior coverage. Exceptional brushability. Use on all porous surfaces. All colors are certified AP non-toxic, water-based, and acid neutral.


Other Supplies
Small paper mache pumpkin
3 drinking straws
2 medium wiggle eyes
Hot glue gun with glue
Old bowl
Flat paint brush
Ornament hanger
Wire cutters
Cloth covered wire
White paper towel


  1. Pull the pumpkin stem out of pumpkin and discard.
  2. Paint pumpkin Wicker White. Let dry.
  3. Cut a piece of wire 6” long and bend in half. Thread wire ends down through the center of the pumpkin head so both ends are coming out of bottom of head.
  4. Pour Stiffy into bowl.
  5. Cut 12 strips of the cheesecloth about 1” wide. Open strips and lay them flat.
  6. Dip one strip into the Stiffy and squeeze between fingers as you lift up from bowl to remove excess.
  7. Wrap loosely around pumpkin. Set aside to dry.
  8. Tear a sheet of paper towel into strips that are about 2” wide. Dip one into the Stiffy and squeeze out excess.
  9. Wrap around the first straw starting at the end and wrapping up for 3”. This makes the leg a little larger.
  10. Wrap a strip of cheesecloth loosely around this first leg and set aside. Repeat for second leg.
  11. Holding both legs together, wrap some cheesecloth around both for about 2” to make body.
  12. Cut the third straw to measure 5”. Wrap it with paper towel strip, then cheesecloth strips as you did for the legs.
  13. Wrap a strip of dipped cheesecloth around arms and body to attach. See photo for placement. Bend the arms slightly forward at shoulders. Let dry.
  14. Cut straws even with shoulders. Hot glue head to body making sure wires from hanger go into the straws and get covered with glue. Hold in place until glue cools. Glue eyes in place.
  15. Dip another strip of cheesecloth in Stiffy, remove excess, and then loosely wrap around head over eyes. Wrap another piece around shoulders letting some hang as shown.
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