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The History of Mod Podge

Mod Podge is one of the most enduring and versatile products ever offered by the craft industry.

The inventor of Mod Podge®, Jan Wetstone, first developed Mod Podge® in the 1960s in her garage. The name of this now-famous mixture came from the term "Modern Decoupage." She tested it on all kinds of surfaces; she even decoupaged a Volkswagen Beetle using bed sheets! At the time, Ms. Wetstone owned an interior design shop in Atlanta. Decoupage was all the rage, but extremely time consuming. It was a tedious task to brush on layer upon layer of varnish, sanding between each coat. Ms. Wetstone "did some experimenting" in the back room of her shop and Mod Podge was born.
mod podge bug

Mod Podge inventor, Jan WetstoneAfter sharing some of her Mod Podge-coated prints in her shop, her customers demanded that she share her decoupage secret--and the rest is history. She began offering Mod Podge kits in her shop and they were a huge success. The product was such a hit that a major Atlanta department store purchased exclusive rights to her kits.

In 1967, Mod Podge received recognition as one of four best items in the Housewares Show in Chicago, at the time, the largest show of its kind. Eventually Mod Podge was sold to Enterprise Paints and then went through a variety of owners. In 1979, Mod Podge found a permanent home with Plaid Enterprises.

Mod Podge continues to be a craft favorite because it is so versatile, easy to use and because crafters are always discovering new uses for the product!


I've used it for such a long time I can't remember what year it was marvelous little product with great possibilities. Gets a 5,000,000 with me. Verajane

Submitted by: . on 3/18/2013

Yay for Mod Podge!

Submitted by: . on 3/22/2011

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