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FolkArt Stains

Create a stylish wood finish with FolkArt® Stains.  Simply brush on FolkArt Stain then wipe off for an enhanced grain pattern and a tint of color.  Use to turn simple wood surfaces into beautiful home accents.  FolkArt Stains are also a great basecoat for hand-painted embellishments.

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FolkArt® Stains Basics
Give your craft projects a beautiful wood grain with FolkArt Stains. Follow these...
FolkArt Stains FAQs
Frequently asked questions about Stains.
FolkArt Formula Guide
Crafting a new surface? Learn which FolkArt paint works best!
Popular FAQs
Yes, FolkArt® Stains can be used as an antiquing medium on flat and satin finishes. Stain will not adhere to glossy finishes.
Air drying is best for the FolkArt® Stains. If a hair dryer or fan is used, the wood may warp. Using cold air can create a milky finish and can cause the color of the stain to change.
FolkArt® Stains can be applied by one of two methods:
  1. Brush-on Method – brush on with a foam brush, then wipe off with a clean, soft cloth.
  2. Wipe-on Method – moisten a soft cloth with the stain and rub surface to be stained, then wipe off with a clean, soft cloth. This method allows more wood grain to show through the finish.
FolkArt® Stains apply best to a smooth surface. For best results, sand the surface in the direction of the grain. Wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth before staining to remove any residue left from sanding.