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FolkArt Stains

Create a stylish wood finish with FolkArt® Stains.  Simply brush on FolkArt Stain then wipe off for an enhanced grain pattern and a tint of color.  Use to turn simple wood surfaces into beautiful home accents.  FolkArt Stains are also a great basecoat for hand-painted embellishments.
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FolkArt® Stains Basics
Give your craft projects a beautiful wood grain with FolkArt Stains. Follow these...
FolkArt Stains FAQs
Frequently asked questions about Stains.
FolkArt Formula Guide
Crafting a new surface? Learn which FolkArt paint works best!
Popular FAQs
For the smoothest surface, use 4/0 steel wool for sanding and always sand in the direction of the grain.
Yes, all stains separate. FolkArt® Stains are still good after separating. FolkArt® Stains must be shaken well before use.
FolkArt® Stains can be applied by one of two methods:
  1. Brush-on Method – brush on with a foam brush, then wipe off with a clean, soft cloth.
  2. Wipe-on Method – moisten a soft cloth with the stain and rub surface to be stained, then wipe off with a clean, soft cloth. This method allows more wood grain to show through the finish.
All colors within the FolkArt® Stain line can be poured together to create a new color. They can also be mixed wet on wet to achieve different colors. Wet on wet simply means that you brush the first stain color, immediately brush the second color on, then wipe off both with a clean, soft cloth.