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Shutter Chalkboard Project Idea

By: Suzanne Cook
Suzanne Cook
Suzanne Cook

Suzanne Cook’s artistic journey started at the young age of six when she won her school’s art competition.  And, the rest is history.  Her love and passion for art made her design career a foregone conclusion and she has never looked back. Suzanne refined her talent at the University of Georgia where she received a B.F.A. in Graphic Design in 1987. 

From her work to her hobbies and her day-to-day life, everything that is Suzanne is art… Her house is filled with an extensive folk art collection as well as art by herself, her husband and daughter, who both are professional artist.

Suzanne is has a reputation for creating art with a positive, whimsical spin that is always colorful and inspiring. Her dreams really did come true when she was able to become one of Plaid’s Design Inspiration Designers!

A Georgia native, Suzanne lives in Suwanee with her husband

Create a fun chalkboard for your home or office using a Plaid shape, scrapbook paper, and vibrant Apple Barrel Colors.
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Skill Level: Intermediate


Mod Podge ® Silicone Craft Mat
Item #16289
Protect your work surface with this silicone mat. Glues peels right off of it for easy clean-up!


Apple Barrel ® Colors - Kiwi, 2 oz.
Item #20221
Versatile, high quality acrylic paint for crafts. Excellent coverage. Fast-drying. Use on all porous surfaces. All colors are AP certified non-toxic and waterbased.


Plaid ® Wood Surfaces - Chalkboard Shutter
Item #90536E
A chalkboard surface is paired with an unfinished shutter waiting to be transformed. Start your projects off the right way with Plaid Wood Surfaces. Available in an assortment of shapes and styles, these DIY pieces are made of unfinished wood and are ready for a fun and personalized touch. Ideal for painting, staining, decorative embellishment, and wood burning, there’s an endless assortment of creative options. Plaid Wood Surfaces are a blank canvas waiting to be turned into a work of art.


Mod Podge ® Ultra Matte Chalk Finish, 8 oz.
Item #CS24911
Trend right Ultra Matte Chalk finish. Brushes on smoothly without visible brushstrokes.


Other Supplies
1" Flat brush
Scrapbook paper
Stencil tape
Small hook
Small screwdriver
Jute string
Water basin
Paper towels


  1. Remove the metal plate from the front of the shutter. Set aside. Sand the piece edges until they are smooth. Tape inside the chalkboard edge to protect it from paint. Paint the wooden shutter with two coats of Kiwi, letting the coats dry in between. Let dry completely.
  2. Measure and cut strips of coordinating scrapbook paper to apply to shutter slats and around the edges. Write in a permanent pen or print "hello" on a white piece of paper. I cut the paper slightly smaller.
  3. Lay your papers print side down on your craft mat and brush on Ultra Matte. Apply to the shutter surface and the metal plate surface. Smooth out by applying a top coat of Ultra Matte.
  4. Continue until all paper strips and "hello" are applied. Let dry completely.
  5. Attach the hook and the metal plate to the shutter. Tie a piece of chalk with your piece of jute. Tie a loop on the end and hang from the loop. Write an inspirational message and hang where you can be reminded daily!
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