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Save Your Favorite Projects with the Craft File

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Craft File

Keeping up with your favorite craft projects has never been easier! If you love browsing projects on PlaidOnline and want an easy way to save your favorites for later, you'll love our craft file, an easy-to-use online storage file for your favorite projects. Using the craft file is easy:

  • Create an account or login to your account on PlaidOnline.
  • When you find a project that you like and want to save, simply add it to your craft file by clicking the 'add to my craft file button'.
Your project, with instructions and images, is now saved for later! Access it anytime by  logging on at PlaidOnline and clicking the craft file button at the top of the page.
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I found you on Martha Stewart's website - I receive daily notices from her sites and will open an account with your site.

Submitted by: Ellen S. on 4/12/2013

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