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Rustic Burlap Tablecloth

By: Candie Cooper
Candie Cooper
Candie Cooper
Candie Cooper is a jewelry designer with a passion for combining unique materials and color combinations, inspired by extensive travel and her years living in China.  Candie is the author of "Metalworking 101 for Beaders"(Lark Books 2009), "Felted Jewelry" (Lark Books 2007), and "Designer Needle Felting" (Lark Books 2007).  Currently she's creating designs for a variety of companies in the craft industry as well as for craft and jewelry-making publications.  Candie teaches workshops both nationally and internationally and has appeared on the Public Television series "Beads, Baubles and Jewels" as well as co-host for "Hands On."  She earned a Bachelor's degree in Art Education and Fine Arts from Purdue University.  For a further peek at her creative life, please visit www.candiecooper.com.
Set your table with rustic charm and warmth by creating this tablecloth and candle set!
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Skill Level: Beginner


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Other Supplies
Pre-washed ½ yard linen
burlap to desired tablecloth dimensions
½ yard of accent fabric
½ yard of printed burlap
repositionable adhesive
embroidery floss
hot glue gun and glue
ball jars for candle holders


  1. Spray repositionable adhesive on the back of the stencil and press onto linen.
  2. Place a small amount of paint onto a pallet. Dip your stencil brush into the paint. Spread it around in a circle on a fresh space so that the paint is evenly distributed on the bristles. Blot the end of your brush on a paper towel to remove excess paint.
  3. Dab the paint onto the area you are stenciling. Let the paint dry and repeat for a second coat.
  4. Allow the paint to dry before peeling the stencil from the fabric and place on a new section of linen. Repeat making 4 bird stenciled pieces.
  5. Pull burlap strands from the edges of the tablecloth to create a fringed edge.
  6. Cut around the stenciled bird pieces leaving a 1” to 2” border for stitching.
  7. Pin the bird pieces to the corners of the burlap tablecloth.
  8. Cut an 18” piece of floss, thread your needle and tie a knot at one end of the thread.
  9. Starting on the backside, stitch the bird piece to the burlap with a running stitch around the border of the linen. Optionally, you can pick threads on the edge of the linen to make it more rustic.
  10. To make the corner tassels, cut 4, 1” x 12” strips of fabric from the accent fabrics. Pull the strips through your hand to make the edges raggedy.
  11. Cut a small slit in the corner of the burlap and thread the 4 pieces of fabric through. Bring the ends together so they meet. Tie a small piece of fabric towards the top of the tassel to secure it to the cloth and hot glue a button over the tie. Optionally, you can cut the tails of the tassel pieces in half so it has extra fringe. Repeat on all the corners of the tablecloth
  12. If you have extra fabric, you can cut an accent square for the center of the tablecloth. Finish the edge with a running stitch.
Tip: The secret to successful stenciling is having a very small amount of paint on your brush while you dab the paint into place.
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