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Ruffle Pillow

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Other Supplies
Bucilla bib kit
1/2 yard white cotton fabric
Measuring tape
1 yard colored lace trim (we used green)
1 yard white cording
1 yard white ruffle (about 2" wide)
Fabric glue
Sewing machine


  1. Follow instructions in kit to create bib.
  2. Cut off ties off bib. Turn top and bottom edges of bib under to form an oblong square approximately 8" wide by 7" long. Stitch to secure.
  3. Cut white fabric 13" long by 12" wide.
  4. Center bib on fabric, so that edges are approximately 2" from each side and ends are approximately 3" from top and bottom of fabric. Pin in place and sew to fabric with sewing machine.
  5. Cut 2 pieces of lace trim 13" long. Place one on each side of bib (as shown), running from the top of the white fabric to the bottom. Pin and sew in place.
  6. Cut 2 pieces of white ruffle 13" long. Pin to edges of white fabric, with decorative side down and ruffle facing in towards the bib.
  7. Cut 2 pieces of white fabric, 13" long by 3" wide. Putting right sides together, pin over ruffles at each edge of white fabric.
  8. Sew with sewing machine down the length of each side of the fabric to secure all the layers. Once sewn, turn white fabric edging and ruffles right side out.
  9. Turn edge of white fabric edging under 1/2" and sew to create a pocket for the drawstring of green lace.
  10. Cut 2 pieces of green lace trim and run through the pockets that you've sewn in the white fabric.
  11. Fold entire piece in half by bring the bottom up to meet the top, making sure the bib and decoration is on the inside.
  12. Sew along the top edge to create a tube. (Don't sew lace or white fabric edging.)
  13. Turn right side out. Cinch draw string on one side and tie in bow.
  14. Stuff pillow with stuffing.
  15. Cinch other drawstring.
  16. Glue together edges of white ruffle trim.

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