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Plaid ® Paint by Number - Smithsonian ® - Plowing

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Plaid ® Paint by Number - Smithsonian ® - Plowing

Item # 59781
UPC: 028995597817
By: Leo Breslan
Lush landscapes and rolling hills frame the scene of a farmer tilling his soil in the “Plowing” Paint by Number set from Plaid. This easy-to-use kit includes: 32 acrylic paint pots, pre-printed 16" x 20" textured art board, paintbrush, chart, and complete instructions. No blending is required, and the textured board captures intricate detail, so creating a masterpiece is a breeze. The certified non-toxic paints come in an expansive color range and clean up easily with soap and water. Simply paint by number and marvel at the results.
Size: 16" x 20"

© Leo Breslan. Smithsonian

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