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Plaid Enterprises, Inc. and Delta Creative, Inc. Enter into Strategic Licensing Agreement

Kasey Jones

Plaid Enterprises, Inc. of Atlanta, GA and Delta Creative, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA are pleased to announce that Plaid Enterprises has acquired the international licensing rights to market, sell and distribute all Delta Creative, Inc. brands effective Nov. 1, 2011.

Since 2010, Plaid Enterprises has manufactured select Delta products and has been distributing their complete product line since July 2011. This licensing agreement will result in the sales and marketing integration of all Delta brands, including Ceramcoat Acrylic Paints, Permenamel Glass Paints, Stencil Magic and Stencil Mania, Rubber Stampede Stamps, SOBO Glue and other longstanding Delta brands, into the strong portfolio of Plaid brands.

“Plaid Enterprises is fully committed to building upon the already solid market position held by Delta brands in the craft industry and will employ our world-class product development, marketing, manufacturing, procurement, and logistics practices to continue to offer the exceptional quality, consumer inspiration and supply-chain excellence associated with Delta Creative brands,” said Plaid President and CEO Michael McCooey.

As with Plaid’s previous manufacturing of Delta’s Ceramcoat brand and the distribution of Delta’s other brand products, the integration will be carefully executed with the transition phase expected to be completed within the next 60 days. During this transition period, Delta Creative’s staff will continue to manage all day-to-day business functions including order entry, purchasing and customer care. Plaid® Enterprises, Inc., located in Norcross, Georgia, is a subsidiary of the Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation, a privately held New York-based investment company.

For more information, contact: Kasey Jones Director, Corporate & Consumer Outreach Plaid Enterprises, Inc.


I think this could be good news. But there are some things that have to change at Delta Creative. 1. Clean up the questionable ingredients in the Air-Dry PermEnamel products. 2. Fix the password recovery system on Delta Creative's website. 3. Fix the newsletter subscription system on Delta Creative's website. 4. Get someone from customer service to actually answer customer's emails. They did once a upon a time. But have since gone downhill.

Submitted by: . on 11/16/2011

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Greetings! How exciting that you and Delta have formed a strategic alliance! Could you please tell me how I may now order from Rubber Stamede (Delta). Also, can you please tell me how long it would take for delivery on large quantity of their stamps? Will my sign in and password be the same as this account? Questions, questions, questions ... LOL! Your timely response will be greatly appreciated! Diane Q. Coleman

Submitted by: Diane C. on 10/20/2011

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