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Paisley Delight Stencil Frame

By: Chris Myer Williams
Chris Myer Williams
Chris Myer Williams
I have always found comfort and happiness when I was busy designing and creating. I have many interests and talents and often I am torn when deciding which art medium to work creatively in. Decorative painting is my first love; however, I also enjoy stenciling, jewelry making, sewing, crochet, needlework of all kinds, cooking, card making, faux finishes, decorating and gardening. Working in the craft and hobby industry for many years, I have enjoyed the pleasures of traveling, teaching, and sharing with others basic crafting how-tos! Currently, I am employed as the Marketing Education Director at Plaid. My career journey to this day, is still allowing me the gift of sharing with others the joys of crafting and finding their creative spirits! I hope that our creative paths may cross one day. Until then... happy creating!
A wood-burned paisley design makes this photo frame an extra special gift.
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Skill Level: Advanced


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Other Supplies
Fine grit sandpaper (if desired)
1” Foam applicator
Small round paintbrush


  1. If desired, sand the wood frame smooth.
    • Tip: When creating a wood burned project, select a wood surface that has a smooth, close grain without bumps, ridges or large pores.  
  2. Draw a pattern on the frame surface; using the Paisley Delight stencil. Position the stencil where desired, then pencil through the stencil to create a pattern, continue drawing a pattern through the stencil until the desired pattern is achieved.
    • Note: On our sample, we created an “L” effect and allowed the upper right corner free to embellish with a little stenciling.
  3. Insert the desired tip into the 2-n-1 Craft Tool and screw into place until it no longer moves. There are four different wood burning tips Universal Point (angled chisel edge tip), Flow Point (looks like a rounded metal dowel tip), Shading Point (appears like a leaf shape) and the Cone Point (which looks like a rounded tip cone similar to a ballpoint pen) as well as two super fine point tips which are perfect for cutting stencils: a Straight Tip and a Curved Tip. Each tip or point will provide you a completely different wood burn look.Try each tip on a scrap piece of wood or on the back of your project to “test” the tips and determine the look that can be achieved with each tip. We used the “universal point” tip for most of the project. Once inserted and screwed down in place, rest your tool on the metal easel/stand that comes in the package. Lastly, plug your 2-n-1 Craft Tool into a wall socket and flip the switch to turn it on. Allow a couple minutes for the tool to heat up.
    • Tip: To lock your easel/stand in place so that the hot wood burning tool does not shift or move, place a length of stencil tape over the legs of the easel/stand and tape it to your work surface.
  4. When the tool is hot, using light pressure begin touching the surface with the point of the universal point and move towards you directing the heated tip to follow the pencil lines of your pattern. Continue burning the outlines of each paisley until the entire paisley design has been wood burned.  To create the line work between the curving paisley designs, position the chisel edge of the universal tip flat to the surface.
    • Tip: To intensify the burn or darken an area to shade, simply go over the burned area a second time.
  5. To create the dots that are scattered throughout the design, switch the tip to the cone point.
    • Tip: To change tips, either turn the unit off and unplug it from the wall to allow it to completely cool down before handling, or keep a pair of flat nose jewelry pliers handy to grasp onto the hot tip when removing it from the tool. To create even dots, hold the tool straight up vertically when touching the surface.
    • Tip: The longer you hold the tool in one place of the more pressure you apply, the larger and deeper the wood burned dot.
  6. Erase any exposed pencil lines after all wood burning is completed.
    • Tip: Exposed pencil lines can be removed with an eraser after the entire design has been completed.
  7. If desired, embellish the top right corner of the frame with a small portion of the Paisley Delight stencil. I used Teal FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint to stencil the small design.
  8. To embellish the wood burned pattern with a light wash of color use FolkArt Multi-Surface Paints. Thin Teal with a small amount of water, then lightly brush the thinned paint onto the area to be colored with a small round brush.
  9. Both the inside and outer edge of the frame were painted Teal using a 1” foam applicator to accent the edges.
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