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Needlecrafting Basics

Almost every family is blessed with beautiful hand-stitched linens, samplers or artwork, handed down from generation to generation. Continue the tradition in your family by learning how to create tomorrow's heirlooms today.

Needlecrafting 101

Few crafts are as treasured or beautiful as traditional needlework. Bucilla makes it easy to learn and create, with captivating kits and products, featuring design themes preferred by stitchers worldwide. Discover how basic time-tested stitches mesh with beautiful designs to create some of the most stunning art possible.
Basic Supplies
Here's what you need to get started:
  • Project Surface (fabric such as aida for counted cross stitch)
  • Needlework inspiration / pattern
  • Large eye needle
  • Embroidery floss
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery hoop (optional)
  • Masking tape (optional)
Tips & Tricks
  • Before beginning your first stitch, it is best to seal the raw edges of your fabric to prevent fraying. You may use a product called Fray Check or simply apply masking tape along the cut edge.

  • Your needlework kit will provide you the correct amount of floss to complete your project. Before threading your needle with the correct amount of floss, it is best to separate each thread strand. Next reassemble the thread including the correct thread count. This will "plump" the threads and provide you a fuller stitch!

  • How to locate the center of your fabric is easy. Simply fold your fabric in half creasing the fold towards the center. Open the fold and refold your fabric in the opposite direction. Again crease the fold toward the center. Open the fabric, the spot marked by the two creases in the center of your fabric and the best place to begin your project.

  • While stitching a complicated design, you might find it easier to keep your place while following the color chart by marking your completed spot using a highlighter marker.

Standard Bucilla Stitches
We've compiled a guide to help you learn the most common stitches used in Bucilla...
How to Wash Your Completed Needlecrafts
Keeping your needlecrafts clean is easy! Follow these simple steps for the best results.
Bucilla to DMC Floss Conversion Chart
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