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Martha Stewart Crafts Wedding Glass Etched Glassses

By: Chris Myer Williams
Chris Myer Williams
Chris Myer Williams
I have always found comfort and happiness when I was busy designing and creating. I have many interests and talents and often I am torn when deciding which art medium to work creatively in. Decorative painting is my first love; however, I also enjoy stenciling, jewelry making, sewing, crochet, needlework of all kinds, cooking, card making, faux finishes, decorating and gardening. Working in the craft and hobby industry for many years, I have enjoyed the pleasures of traveling, teaching, and sharing with others basic crafting how-tos! Currently, I am employed as the Marketing Education Director at Plaid. My career journey to this day, is still allowing me the gift of sharing with others the joys of crafting and finding their creative spirits! I hope that our creative paths may cross one day. Until then... happy creating!
Etching detailed designs on everyday glassware for that very special wedding moment has never been easier. Create etched home décor glassware using Martha Stewart Crafts Etch Cream Kits.
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Skill Level: Beginner


Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Etch Kit - Wedding
Item #33223
Create real etched glass gifts and home accessories with Martha Stewart Crafts™ Glass Etching Kit. This easy to use cream works on glassware, mirrors, and glazed ceramics. Project ideas include: embellishing vases, decanters, and apothecary jars; or add decorative accents to entryway windows and mirrors. Kit contains 2.98 fl oz etching cream, 14 adhesive stencil designs, etching brush, protective gloves, and instructions. NOTE: Read Advisory if rinsing in porcelain, ceramic or marble sinks. Use with stainless steel or fiberglasss sinks only.

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Patterning Tape
Item #33255
Create plaids, stripes, checkerboards, and one-of-a-kind patterns with glass patterning tape. Low-tack, repositionable adhesive lets you adjust placement of tape without damaging your surface. Works on any clean, smooth surface. Contains 15 yd x 1in roll.

Other Supplies
Brush basin or container for water
Paper towels
Rubbing alcohol


Wedding Glasses Instructions:

1.    Martha Stewart Crafts Etching Cream can also be used with stencil tape or glass patterning tape to create borders or backgrounds.

2.    Etching cream can also be used with Martha Stewart Crafts Adhesive Silkscreens.

3.    The color of etching cream may change; it may deepen in value from a warm caramel color to a milk chocolate color as it is open to the air

Preparation Instructions:
1.     Wash glass in warm soapy water to thoroughly clean; rinse well and allow to dry.

2.    Moisten paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe over cleaned glass to remove any remaining dirt, grease or soap film.  Allow to dry.

Glass Etching Instructions:
1.     Remove adhesive stencil from backing sheet and position on glassware where desired.  Press stencil firmly in place.  Save backing sheet for stencil storage when project is complete.

2.    Using stencil tape, create a protective area around the stencil edges to mask the glass surface NOT to be etched.  NOTE:  If etching cream touches an area unprotected, that area will be etched.

3.    Apply a thick layer of etching cream over the open stencil design areas using the natural bristle brush included in the kit.  NOTE:  You may also use a palette knife or a handled squeegee to apply a liberal amount of etching cream.  Set project aside for 15 minutes.

4.     After 15 minute wait, rinse glassware under running water to remove all etching cream.  While under running water, remove stencil and stencil tape.  NOTE:  It is best to wear protective gloves when working with etching cream.  Make sure that etching cream does not run over the edge of the design or spill on any areas that are not to be etched.

5.    Rinse stencils well, blot dry and return to backing sheet for storage.

6.    Dry etched glassware.


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