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Martha Stewart Crafts Spray Paint Kit

Elaine Reed

Martha Stewart has long been known for creating stunning projects that look like they came straight out of a catalog and then showing the world how to achieve the same results.

She’s taking that one step further with her new line of craft products. Together, Martha Stewart and Plaid have developed quality products that take some of the grunt work out of your projects, but still leave you with beautiful results.

One of those products is the Martha Stewart Crafts Spray Paint Kit. This kit is very easy to use and produces amazing coverage on a variety of surfaces.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Sprayer
  • 6 ounces of glossy spray medium
  • 2 mixing bottles with caps that each hold 6 ounces

Simply mix the Martha Stewart Crafts paint color of choice with an equal amount of spray medium and you will have transformed your craft paint into a quality spray paint.
Here are a few tips and tricks for you to keep in mind when you use the spray paint kit.

  • Make sure you protect the area you are working in. As with all spray paints, some of the paint will land on surrounding areas. Make sure you cover up your space to keep the paint where you want it. If the weather is agreeable, you may want to consider using the spray paint outside.
  • When you mix your paint with the gloss medium make sure you use equal parts paint to gloss.
  • The spray system will create a really lovely, even coat of paint. Once dry, you can add additional layers of paint to deepen the color or add details, such as stencil designs.
  • If you have paint left over after spraying your project you can save it! There is no need to toss out extra paint. Simply put the cap on the mixing bottle and store it with the rest of your paints.

It is very important to clean out your sprayer after every use. If you use more than one color on your project, not cleaning the sprayer between colors will cause them to mix and not give the look you are going for. Never let paint dry in the sprayer. Dried paint can create problems with the sprayer, including completely clogging the hose and sprayer. There are 2 simple ways to clean out your sprayer:

  • Fill a mixing jar with water and spray it until the water comes out clear.
  • Turn your sprayer upside down under the tap and run water through it until the water coming out of the nozzle is clear.

You can use the Spray Paint kit with any Martha Stewart Crafts gloss, metallic or pearl paints. But did you know you can also use it with glitter? It’s true!

Simply remove the mesh screen plug from the hose attached to the sprayer, mix your color and you’re ready to go! One thing to keep in mind when you are spraying with glitter paints: the spray medium makes the glitter less dense. Rather than mixing equal parts paint and medium, try a two to one ration of paint to medium. That will punch up the glitter, while still giving you the professional look with the spray system.

What are you planning to paint with your kit?


not yet rated

I'd like to get this painting kit, but would need more satin spray medium and several extra bottles, where do you obtain those?

Submitted by: . on 4/27/2014

I love, love, this product. However, I cannot find the refills for the sprayer. Are there refills available anyone?

Submitted by: . on 9/2/2012

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