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Martha Stewart Crafts® Maps Pen Cup

Use Martha Stewart Crafts multi-surface decoupage finishes, paints and accessories, to create stylish desk accessories.
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Skill Level: Intermediate


Martha Stewart Crafts ® Decoupage Multi-Surface Finish - Durable Matte, 8oz
Item #33278
Martha Stewart Crafts® Durable Decoupage Matte Finish can be used on any surface such as glass, fabric, paper, metal and wood to create a flat finish. It dries hard, with no tack. For indoor and outdoor use. Top-rack dishwasher safe, water base and non-toxic.

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Gilding Adhesive, 2oz
Item #33293
Use the Gilding Adhesive to apply Martha Stewart Crafts® Gilding sheets to a surface. Adhesive is water base, non-toxic and will dry clear.

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Decoupage Gilding Sheets - Gold
Item #33317
Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage Gilding Sheets, when paired with Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage Gilding Adhesive, can be used create an elegant metallic finish on multiple surfaces. Packaging Contains 12 sheets; 5 3/8in x 5 3/8in

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Decoupage Gilding Gloves
Item #33323
Use Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage Gilding Gloves when working with delicate gilding sheets for ease of handling. Use with Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage Gilding Adhesive, sheets, and brushes.

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Decoupage Rolled Papers - Maps
Item #33329
Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage Rolled papers, when paired with a Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage finish, can be used to create beautiful decoupage projects on glass, wood and most other surfaces. Great for larger projects. Package contains: 3 designs. 3 sheets, 11 13/16in x 34 7/8in

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Decoupage Gilding Brush Set
Item #33334
The Martha Stewart Crafts® Gilding Brush Set is ideal for applying gilding adhesive to any sufrace and metallic gilding sheets to projects. Package contains one 5/8in, one 7/8in, and one 1/2in pillow-top brushes, 3 total.

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Decoupage Brush Set
Item #33335
The Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage Brushes come in a variety of sizes to work with projects of any scale. Ergonomically designed with soft-grip handles allow for easy and comfortable handling. Use with Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage Finishes. Package contains one 3/4in round brush, one 3/4in flat brush, and one 1-1/2in utility brush, 3 total.

Other Supplies
Muji wooden pencil cup


  1. Using a Crafts knife and cutting mat, measure and cut your rolled paper to the desired size.
  2. Using the decoupage brush, apply the multi-surface durable decoupage matte finish directly to your journal in the desired area while simultaneously applying a layer of decoupage to your paper.
  3. Carefully place directly on your journal to adhere, being sure to smooth out all bubbles and wrinkles.
  4. Wait 1-2 hours before applying another layer of multi-surface durable Decoupage in Matte finish over your paper pieces to seal and secure.
  5. For a gilded edge, apply Martha Stewart Crafts gilding adhesive to edge of pencil cup using gilding glue brush.
  6. Follow instructions on sizing package and apply gold gilding sheets. Use gilding brush to remove excess.
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