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Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Trick or Treat Pumpkin Tote Bag

Whether trick or treating with your little one or enjoying a seasonal tote yourself, this jack-o-lantern tote is not only fun and easy to make but will also help you celebrate the season!
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Skill Level: Beginner


Martha Stewart Crafts ® 2oz Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint - Adobo
Item #32056
High-performance, patented, premium acrylic paint is specially formulated for use on all surfaces. Its highly pigmented color provides superior coverage-perfect for all craft and hobby painting techniques, including brush painting and detailing, sponging, stenciling, stamping, and printing. UV- and weather-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Self-priming for use on porous and non-porous surfaces. Dishwasher-safe on glass. Non-toxic; waterbased; USA-made. 60 Satin paints provide a soft, subtle, sheen.


Martha Stewart Crafts ® 6oz Tintable Fabric Medium
Item #32194
Mix with Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Paints for a softer, more flexible finish when painting on fabric. Mix 1 part medium to 2 parts paint. Heat set projects for permanence and washability. Waterbased.


Martha Stewart Crafts ® Transfer Paper
Item #32226
Use transfer paper with stylus to place designs onto desired surface.


Martha Stewart Crafts ® Foam Pouncers Set - 6pc
Item #32243
Especially ideal for smooth surfaces like glass, foam pouncers are used to apply paint in an up-and-down dabbing motion. Ergonomically designed, easy-grip handles. Contains 6 pouncers: 1 each 1/2in, 3/4in, 1in, 1-1/4in, 1-1/2in and 1-3/4in. Durable, reusable.


Martha Stewart Crafts ® Adhesive Stencil Film
Item #32250
Use any pattern or design and a craft or hot knife to create adhesive stencils to decorate most surfaces. Perfect for curved objects and fabric. Film size: 11in x 3 yards.


Martha Stewart Crafts ® Multipurpose Heat Tool
Item #32252
Versatile multipurpose tool can transfer patterns, cut stencil film, and adhere embellishments, all by easily changing the tip. Angled Point: Cut very detailed designs on multiple surfaces, including stencil film. Mini Iron Point: Transfer color or black and white laser copy images onto a variety of surfaces. Tapered Point: Cut intricate designs with ease on a variety of surfaces, including stencil film. Crystal Ironing Point: Use to apply adhesive embellishments.


Other Supplies
White canvas tote
Foam plate
Brush basin or container for water
Paper towels
Cardboard backing to slip inside tote for support while stenciling
Pane of glass to cut stencil against.


Preparation Instructions:

  1. Prewash tote in warm soapy water.  Let dry.  Do not use fabric softener or spray starch if ironing any wrinkles.
  2. Slip cardboard backing into tote bag.

Stencil Cutting Instructions:

  1. Transfer jack-o-lantern facial features onto adhesive stencil film using a stylus and transfer paper.
  2. Cut stencil using multipurpose heat tool following directions on package.


Stenciling Instructions:

  1. Position adhesive stencil film, centering on canvas tote bag.   Press to secure in place.
  2. Mix equal amounts of Adobo and Tintable Fabric Medium.
  3.  Load pouncer with ­­­­­Adobo mixture and stencil jack-o-lantern features.  Allow to dry.


Heat Setting Instructions:

1.  Set painted design using either the dryer or iron heat setting method.


Dryer Heat Set

Turn tote bag inside out.  Place item in dryer for 30 minutes on highest setting recommended for fabric.


Iron Heat Set

Place item decorated side up on ironing board.  Cover with a dry pressing cloth (muslin, sheeting, or other thin fabric).  Set iron to highest setting recommended for fabric.  Place dry iron (no steam) on area and press for 20 seconds.  Set iron on another area until all sections are heat set.

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