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Martha Stewart Celebration Frame and Glasses

By: Kirsten Jones
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Skill Level: Intermediate


Martha Stewart Crafts ® Foam Pouncers Set - 6pc
Item #32243
Especially ideal for smooth surfaces like glass, foam pouncers are used to apply paint in an up-and-down dabbing motion. Ergonomically designed, easy-grip handles. Contains 6 pouncers: 1 each 1/2in, 3/4in, 1in, 1-1/4in, 1-1/2in and 1-3/4in. Durable, reusable.


Martha Stewart Crafts ® Large Brush Set - 4pc
Item #32245
Use these brushes for blending, strokework and basecoating. Ergonomically designed, easy-grip handles. Contains 4 white nylon bristle brushes: 1 each #12 round for lines and details, 3/4in and 1in flat for basecoating, blending and strokework, 1-1/2in utility for basecoating.


Martha Stewart Crafts ® 2oz Multi-Surface Chalkboard Paint Acrylic Craft Paint - Black
Item #33491
Create a chalkboard writing surface on wood, terra cotta, and virtually any paintable surface. Apply 2-3 coats to project surface, allowing it to dry between coats. Condition with chalk, and it's ready for messaging. Waterbased.


Martha Stewart Crafts ® 2oz Multi-Surface Chalkboard Paint Acrylic Craft Paint - Habanero
Item #33497
Martha Stewart Crafts® Multi-Surface Chalkboard Paint is a water based paint that lets you turn any porous surface into a chalkboard. Now available in tradtional and stylish chalkboard colors.


Martha Stewart Crafts ® 8oz Vintage Décor Matte Chalk Acrylic Paint - Linen
Item #33532
Vintage Decor Paint is available in a charming palette of 22 traditional and stylish colors. The paint requires no prep work and dries with a beautiful matte finish, or it can be distressed or sealed with a clear or antique finish. • Specially formulated to distress easily by sanding, with residue creating a fine dust that does not gum up sandpaper • When sealed with wax, the texture is soft and velvety • Dries quickly and can be touched up easily, 2 hours to cure • Works great with stencils and silkscreens • Covers approximately 20 square feet • Available in 22 colors, that allow for great color combinations and pairings


Martha Stewart Crafts ® Vintage Décor Paint Brush
Item #33543
Use this ergonomically designed, easy-grip brush for applying Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor Paint or Vintage Decor Wax. Hint: While the Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor Wax is water-based, we recommend having a brush designated for paint and a separate brush designated for wax to ensure that you do not contaminate your wax or paint product.


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Martha Stewart Crafts ® Adhesive Silkscreens - Phrases
Item #33551
Use adhesive silkscreens to create beautiful highly detailed painted designs on fabric, wood, glass and other surfaces. Pair silkscreens with chalkboard paint to create vintage chalkboard projets. Use with erasable liquid chalk to create long lasting designs. Cotains 11 designs on three 9" x 7.5" sheets.


Martha Stewart Crafts ® 2oz Erasable Liquid Chalk, White
Item #33554
Erasable Liquid Chalk is more durable and long-lasting than regular chalk. Applied like paint, it doesn’t smudge and washes away with a damp sponge, leaving no shadow. A convenient foam pouncer makes stenciling and silkscreening quick and easy. For best results, use it on top of Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Chalkboard Paint that has been conditioned by lightly rubbing chalk over the surface.


Martha Stewart Crafts ® 8oz Vintage Décor Wax - Clear
Item #33562
Use with Martha Stewart Crafts® Vintage Decor paint for a velvet finish and added protection. Water based. Non-toxic. Apply with Martha Stewart Crafts® Vintage Decor Brush or a clean lint-free cloth over entire project. Spread into a thin layer and remove excess with a damp cloth. To fully protect your surface from moisture and marring, apply a second coat after the first is fully dry. Allow to dry 24 hours then buff to desired shine with a cotton cloth. Wax every 6 to 12 months, or as needed.


Other Supplies
Medium Glass Jars
Large Ornate Frame
smooth ¼” wood cut to fit frame
sand paper
lint free cloth
White Chalk Sticks


  1. With the vintage décor brush, basecoat the large frame with linen vintage home décor paint. Let dry.
  2. Sand frame with a light grit sand paper to create a distressed finish.
  3. Apply clear wax using the vintage décor brush and follow directions on bottle. Let dry, then buff with a lint free cloth.
  4. Using the large brush, paint wood piece with black chalkboard paint, let dry. TIP: Make sure to condition the chalkboard with chalk before use.
  5. Paint jars with Habanero Chalkboard paint (do not paint threaded top of jars). Let dry.
  6. Cut out screen designs as shown and place onto projects. Follow direction on screen packaging. Load the pouncer with erasable chalkboard paint, (dip in paint then remove most on paper towel).

TIP: Use very little paint for optimum results. Add personalization with white chalk stick.

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