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Let’s Go Camping Kids Table and Chairs

By: Laura Whitlow
Laura Whitlow
Laura Whitlow
I'm a busy mother of five--four girls and a boy--ages 17 to 6. Luckily I
have horrible insomnia, so I can paint at night! I have been married for
24 years to an incredible man. (In case you're trying to do the math--yes,
I got married when I was 5.) This is the first little business I have ever
attempted, and although it is way out of my comfort zone to try and sell
something, I am absolutely loving it!

Add an outdoorsy touch to your kids' furniture using Mod Podge Furniture formula!
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Skill Level: Intermediate


Mod Podge ® Furniture Gloss, 16 oz.
Item #CS15126
Give your most frequently used projects an extra durable finish with Furniture Mod Podge. Perfect for furniture, bookshelves, kitchen accessories and more.


Other Supplies
Kids table and chairs
Assorted camping theme scrapbook papers
Decorative burlap trim
Wax paper
Flat brush ½”
Water basin
Foam plates
Paper towels


  1. Cut pieces of paper to fit surfaces of the table and chair. Use multiple patterns on each surface.
  2. Begin applying pieces of paper by brushing Mod Podge® onto surface and placing pieces on top. Place wax paper over scrapbook paper and use squeegee to smooth. Repeat process until chairs and table are covered. Let dry at least twenty minutes.
  3. Seal furniture using multiple coats of Mod Podge® Furniture.
  4. Cut strips of paper to the height of the lampshade. Apply pieces in same manner overlapping slightly as you proceed around the shade. Let dry twenty minutes and seal with Mod Podge®.
  5. Glue burlap trim to edges of furniture and lampshade as desired.

Optional: To hide hanging lamp wires, cut a strip of burlap, fold and glue or stitch. Slip over wires to conceal.

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