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Q: I would love the look of Gallery Glass, but I'm nervous about applying it directly to my window glass. Is there any other way I can achieve the look of stained glass for my windows?
If you don't want to apply Gallery Glass directly to your windows, you can still create a lovely window design using sheets of plexiglass or acrylic sheets and inserting them on the inside of your window.
The thickness should be about 1/4", especially if you're creating a design for a larger window. Home Depot, Lowes, True Value and other home improvement stores should carry this material and can cut straight, regular sizes. Specialty glass shops can cut circular or oval pieces.


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My husband used his amazing no nails or screws method to make me a beautiful wooden frame for a piece I made for our bathroom. Wanted to be able to take it with me when we moved. Just make sure your pattern does not extend all the way to the edge, or it will not fit into the frame without bunching up the paint/leading.

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