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Q: How should I prepare my surfaces before painting with FolkArt Mixed Media Paints?
Surface preparation depends on surface selection. Read on to see how to prepare some of the most popular mixed media art surfaces.
  • Wood: Basecoat surface and allow to dry. Sand smooth and reapply base color. Wood surfaces can also be stained or remain natural allowing the raw wood grain to show.
  • Canvas: Use gesso-primed canvases or apply gesso to unprimed canvases.
  • Galvanized Tin/Metal: Wash in warm soapy water to remove dirt and grease. Thoroughly dry; then wipe with white vinegar to remove remaining grease and/or soap residue and promote better paint adhesion.
  • Paper Mache: Wipe with moistened paper towel to remove dust.
  • Plaster: Basecoat surface if desired, and allow to dry.
  • Fabric: All fabrics should be prewashed to remove manufacturer's sizing. NOTE: Fabric items should be created for decorative purposes only.
  • Glass or Ceramics: Clean well with soap and warm water; dry well. Wipe surface with rubbing alcohol moistened paper towel to remove remaining soap film or grease. NOTE: Completed glass/ceramic mixed media projects are for decorative purposes only and are NOT dishwasher safe.


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