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Q: How should I apply Martha Stewart Crafts ® Satin Finish?
Apply Satin Finish to clean, dry surfaces. Using a soft bristle brush, lightly brush over surface in smooth even strokes. Do not over brush. Apply two or more coats, allowing 2–3 hours between coats.


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I love the Martha Stewart satin paints for glass painting. The look is amazing and easy to work with and to shade and high light with. I wondered if you could email me some advice on the drying time. It says on the back that you need 1 hour drying time between coats. This makes it a very slow process to paint on glass. Do I really have to wait this long or can I recoat when it is dry to the touch. I have painted many wine glasses with this paint and I love it all except the drying time. lisawells57@gmail.com

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