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Q: How do I use the FolkArt Home Decor wall stencils?
Stenciling on a wall adds a unique dimension to any room that is easier than applying wallpaper.
The tips below will assist with your project:
  1. Use chalk and bubble level to draw a vertical line in area to be stenciled. It is best to do the least conspicuous area first. If stenciling an entire wall, begin at the top center area of wall.
  2. If using stencil adhesive, spray back of stencil following stencil adhesive instructions. If using tape, continue to next step.
  3. Position stencil so registration marks align with vertical line drawn on wall. Do NOT use edge of stencil or edge of design to align on wall.
  4. Press stencil to secure to wall or use tape to secure to wall.
  5. Use chalk to mark on wall through registration marks. This will be used to line up stencil when creating a repeating pattern.
  6. Load stencil brush by dipping into puddle of paint. Off-load brush to remove excess by dabbing onto paper towel.
  7. Apply paint through stencil using a circular clockwise / counter clockwise motion, beginning outside the design edge working towards the center of design. Continue stenciling until entire design is covered. NOTE: You can also use a small dense foam roller to apply paint if desired.
  8. Gently peel back stencil to reveal painted area. If creating repeating pattern, clean back of stencil to remove excess paint before repositioning. Reposition stencil using registration marks on wall and stencil, continue to stencil until desired pattern is complete!
  9. Clean stencil and tools with soap and water. 


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