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Q: How do I read my Color & Symbol Guide for my Bucilla project?
The 1st column is for the type of stitch. The 2nd column is the symbol for the individual colors. The 3rd column is the number of strands to be used in stitching the design. The 4th column is the color name. (Please be advised that the color name is specific to your kit. You may use the same color in another kit and it will be named something different.) The 5th column shows the Bucilla Floss Color Number. The 6th column shows the number of yards your kit should contain of each color. (Please be advised that your kit may be sent 2-yard strands of floss. So if your kit calls for 4 yards of a certain color, you may have 2 long strings that equal that 4 yards.) The 7th column shows the color name in French and Spanish for our International Consumers.


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I have the same problem. The stitch column contains three types. How do I know which one to use. The label photo is too small. I can't tell.

Submitted by: . on 12/16/2016

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This does not help at all, the cottons have no number labels on , so it is a guessing game re colours........egTAN=3827, BUT THERE ARE AT LAEAST 4 SHADES IF TAN,,,,,,,,,,ALL OTHER KITS IVE USED GAVE THE CODE, COLOUR/NO AND IT HAD A LABEL, it just needs a no label, Valda in AUSTRALIA

Submitted by: . on 2/15/2012

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