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Q: How do I prepare paper napkins and tissue paper for appliqué?
There are two different ways to prepare your napkin or paper for appliqué, depending on what look you wish to create:

Use small, sharp scissors for cutting out the napkin or paper designs. Cut away any inside areas you don’t want. Hold the scissors stationary while turning the napkin or paper for a clean-edge cut. Trimming is easier when you cut through all three layers of the napkin or paper. Remove the two white layers after cutting out the design.

Tearing: Tearing can be a good choice for some designs because is creates a more handmade or natural look. It’s perfect for children and others who cannot or do not want to cut out the designs. For best results, cut all three layers and then separate.


Separate and cut out in detail your like pieces from your napkin. Meaning if you are using a floral design with multiple flowers sort the flowers in pods for easier access and store unused cut outs in baggies for a later use. The new Modge Podge repositional adhesive is excellent and gives you time to adjust or move your cut pieces. Be sure to let your finish piece dry for at least 24 hours before using a sealant to finish your work of art. Again Modge Podge satin,glossy, or matte is excellent but you do have to let each layer dry again for in between coats of 24 hours each. When you are layering your cut out napkin pieces think about your edges and curves to give a natural look. It makes all the differences in the world from a homemade item to a really professional well thought out piece of art. Dale Kaplan http://www.etsy.com/shop/Dalettadesigns?ref=si_shop

Submitted by: Dale K. on 8/24/2012

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