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High Contrast Black & White Photo Vase

By: Julie Lewis
Julie Lewis
Julie Lewis
Julie Lewis was destined to be an artist…at least that was what she was told from Kindergarten on. Born outside of Cleveland, Ohio, she was blessed to have been given an incredible art education all through her school years and from her creative and talented parents. Growing up in a world where every day brought some new creative adventure, it was no surprise that she went on to graduate from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a B.F.A. in graphic design. Her professional life included working in many fields from industrial advertising to American Greetings. Most gratifying was working as a designer for the largest craft company, Plaid Enterprises in Georgia where she now resides.She paints and creates felt soft sculptures inspired by said paintings and now sells them through her shop STELLALOLA on Etsy. She is inspired by many things around her…most importantly, a wonderful family, an insanely happy German Shepherd and one stoic Alaskan Malamut.
Create a dramatic and unique vase by using a high contrast photo copy and Mod Podge® Photo Transfer Medium.
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Skill Level: Intermediate


Mod Podge ® Photo Transfer Medium, 2 oz.
Item #CS12652
Create decals or appliques from any original photo. Use it on hard surfaces or fabrics that you can handwash.


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Other Supplies
Wax paper
High contrast black and white toner photo copy sized to cover two sides of vase
Rectangular white ceramic vase
Paper towels
Foam plates
Brush basin


1. Lay black & white photo copy face up on wax paper. You will be making the decal method with the transfer medium. Apply a smooth coat of medium to front of photo copy. Make the coat thick enough so the image can no longer be seen. Carefully peel up and place on a clean sheet of wax paper. Let dry 24 hours.

2. Carefully lift copy and place medium side down on Jar. Lightly smooth by rolling bottle over back of image. Wipe away any excess and let dry 24 hours.

3. When dry, flip image over on wax paper so paper side is facing up. Dampen paper with a wet sponge. Let sit a few seconds.

4. In a circular motion, gently start to rub away the paper. When paper feels like it won’t come off anymore, let set a few minutes and repeat the process until all the paper is removed.

5. Gently lift decal image from wax paper and wrap around your vase that has been washed with mild soap and water.

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