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Golden Shadow Box

A special way to light up the holidays.
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FolkArt ® Metallics - Royal Gold, 2 oz.
Item #2480
Premium, all-purpose shimmering metallic acrylic paint for decorative crafts and home décor. Superior coverage. Exceptional brushability. Use on all porous surfaces. All colors are certified AP non-toxic, water-based, and acid neutral.


Simply ® Stencils - Value Packs - Cut Your Own
Item #28939
Twice the decorating fun, Simply Valu Packs include two stencils - 8" x 18" and 8" x 10" - doubling your design options. And with the Cut Your Own blanks, your options are limitless!


FolkArt ® Enamels™ - Pure Gold, 2 oz.
Item #4033
Durable acrylic paint for glass and ceramics. Top-rack dishwasher safe when cured. All colors are certified AP non-toxic and waterbased. Do not use in direct contact with food.


Liquid Leaf ® - Classic
Item #6110
In one simple step, Liquid Leaf ® gives any project a rich metallic luster as beautiful as precious metals themselves. Just brush on Liquid Leaf ® for glimmering shimmering highlights or full finishes on a variety of surfaces. For a rub on formula, try Treasure Gold ®.


Plaid ® Wood Surfaces - Frames - 4-Way Memory Frame
Item #97870
Plaid Wood Surfaces are ready to paint, stain, decoupage, woodburn or embellish. Create unique items for yourself or to give as gifts.


Other Supplies
Victorian alphabet stencil (3-1/2")
Craft knife
Masking Tape ¼”
Paper towels
Cutting board
Clear glass Christmas ball
Sheer gold ribbon ¼”
Screw eye
Small battery operated tea light
Artist brush- #12 flat
Fine lining brush or a ruling pen
Stencil brush


  1. Remove wood behind glass, this will not be used. Remove glass and set aside for later.
  2. Basecoat the inside and outside of the box and lid with Classic Gold Liquid Leaf, let dry and apply a second coat as needed. Allow to dry completely. 
  3. On the front of the box, use masking tape to place evenly spaced, slanted strips down each side of the frame. Align the first piece with the miter line in the corner of the frame. Use brush to paint in between the tape lines with the Royal Gold. Remove the tape carefully.
  4. Use the masking tape to outline the routed edges of the box on the edge of the lid and the rim of the base; refer to the photo for placement. Paint these areas with the Royal Gold. Remove the tape carefully. 
  5. Use the “M” and the “C” from the Victorian Alphabet Stencil for the front piece of glass. Stencil the “C” first with Pure Gold and let dry. Stencil “M” with Classic Gold Liquid Leaf. Let dry. 
  6. Use either a fine liner brush or a Ruling Pen and the Classic Gold Liquid Leaf to finish the words Merry Christmas. 
  7. Place pattern behind stencil blank and use craft knife to cut out. The two sections layer to create the finished tree. On three glass squares stencil one template in Pure Gold and let dry. Then use the second stencil to fill in with Classic Gold Liquid Leaf. Let dry completely. 
  8. Lay glass squares on paper towels, tree side down. Use a pencil end and the Classic Gold Liquid Leaf to stamp gold dots on the tree. Refer to the photo for placement. Allow to dry completely then gently clean each glass and place each into the box section with the dots facing out. 
  9. Place the eye screw in the center of the inside of the lid to hold the clear glass ornament. 
  10. Fill ornament with ribbon. Paint the top gold. Use pencil and Classic Gold Liquid Leaf to apply dots over the outside surface of the clear glass ball. Allow to dry. Use a small 10” piece of the same ribbon to hang the ball onto the eye screw that’s in the center portion of the lid. • Hint: you can use a tea light for the inside of the box for a highlighted effect. Painted the base of the light with the Classic Gold Liquid Leaf.
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