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Glass Painting Basics

Whether windows, accessories or framed art, glass is one of today's most popular decorating surfaces. Discover two distinct glass-painting options. Our one-of-a-kind Gallery Glass creates the realistic look of stained glass, while FolkArt Enamels can be used to enhance any glass or ceramic surface with painted and stenciled designs.

Glass Painting 101

Combine Plaid's dozens of glass paint colors with hundreds of readily available surfaces and you'll see why painting on glass is such a hit. Painters love using FolkArt Enamels for partyware and everyday décor. A home decorating favorite, Gallery Glass creates classic stained glass effects. Plaid provides abundant inspiration and how-to's for any preference.
Basic Supplies
Here's what you need to get started:
  • Project Surface
  • Project inspiration / pattern
  • Liquid Lead
  • Leading Lines
  • Gallery Glass Window Color
  • Masking tape
  • Paper towel
  • Toothpick
  • Craft knife
Tips & Tricks
  • Before applying Gallery Glass Window Color to the leaded shape, hold the bottle upside down, shake well to move the paint towards the bottle tip. This will keep the paint towards the tip and prevent air bubbles being squeezed into your project.

  • If you notice an air bubble in your project while the paint is still wet, carefully pop the bubble using a toothpick.

  • For a more uniform look, "comb" Gallery Glass Window Color after it has been painted using a toothpick, the tip of a nut pick, or a straight pin.

Using the Gallery Glass® Direct Technique
This quick and easy method is ideal for creating small accessory items.
Creating a Cling Using the Gallery Glass® Modular Technique
Adding color to your Gallery Glass project is fun and easy with these steps.
Applying Gallery Glass® Window Color™
Adding color to your Gallery Glass project is fun and easy with these steps.
Projects to get you started
With Gallery Glass, your home decorating possibilities are endless.
Home Decorating is easy and stylish with Gallery Glass.