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FolkArt ® Painting Stencils
These intricate, laser-cut designs are perfect for backgrounds, borders, focal points and so...
FolkArt ® Peel & Stick Painting Stencils
Painting with FolkArt Enamels couldn't be easier with new Peel & Stick Painting Stencils!...
FolkArt ® Handmade Charlotte™ Stencils
Rachel Faucett, the author-designer behind the popular blog, Handmade Charlotte, translates...

FolkArt Stencils

Discover the Art of Decorative Craft Painting! 
Decorative craft painting has never been easier, thanks to FolkArt's easy-to-use tools and techniques. Components include Peel & Stick Stencils, Easy to Paint Rub-On Patterns and Painting Stencils. While lovely when used individually, they truly come to beautiful life when combined to create projects that wow! The simple to use tools include complete technique instructions, project how-to's and helpful tips that show anyone how truly easy it is to paint. When coupled with the expansive FolkArt family of paints, our painting design tools allow painters of all skill levels to create truly unique and stunning projects.
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Stencil1 Laser Stencils FAQs
Learn how to use the new Stencil1® laser stencils from FolkArt®.
Popular FAQs
FolkArt Laser-Cut Painting Stencils work beautifully on many decorative craft painting surfaces including wood, tin, paper mache, terra cotta, canvas, plaster and fabric.
FolkArt Laser-Cut Painting Stencils can be used with a variety of painting tools, including FolkArt Daubers, Spouncers®, stencil brushes, sea or cosmetic sponges and rollers. Each tool produces a slightly different effect. You may want to try different applicators until you find the right look and best fit for your project.
FolkArt Peel & Stick Painting Stencils work beautifully on glass, ceramics and other smooth, slick surfaces, and can also be used on a variety of craft surfaces such as wood, tin, paper mache, terra cotta, canvas, plaster or fabric.
Lightly spray on the back of the stencil. Be sure to spray on a large scrap piece of paper away from your project.