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Bucilla ® Seasonal - Felt - Stocking Kits
Festive designs, quality materials and generous embellishments continue to make Bucilla ® felt...
Bucilla ® Seasonal - Felt - Home Decor Kits
Bucilla ® Felt Home Décor accents are a pleasure to stitch and to display. From delightful...
Bucilla ® Seasonal - Felt - Ornament Kits
Dress up your tree, wreaths, gifts and more with Bucilla ® Felt Ornaments kits. Kits include...

Bucilla Felt

It simply wouldn't be Christmas without the festive array of Bucilla® holiday designs! Stockings to personalize, ornaments and skirts to trim a tree, plus super sweet dimensional decorations make every Christmas a holiday to remember and treasure for years. Another annual tradition are Bucilla's classic calendar kits providing a touch of color and whimsy in homes worldwide. Kits include everything needed to create these timeless felt treasures: stamped felt, embroidery floss, sequins and/or beads, needles and instructions.
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Make a casing for the dowel by folding back the top flap(s), in half to form a 1” wide casing. Use one strand of loss and sew a slipstitch (see diagram) to the back of the felt to secure. Insert dowel through casing.
You can download our Bucilla to DMC conversion chart as a PDF to make sure you're using the appropriate floss for your kit.
To attach the bead to the sequin by sewing:
  1. Bring needle and thread up through the printed dot on the fabric, then through the sequin and bead.
  2. Go around outside of bead and back down through the center of the sequin
  3. Come up through center of next sequin and repeat.
Make the hanging cord by folding the acrylic yarn in half. Tie a knot in one end and slip it through the split at the end of the dowel. Twist yarn until it starts to kink, then knot end and slip it through the other end of the dowel. Push ball finials onto the ends of the dowel.
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