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Fabric Covered Frame

By: Cathie & Steve
Cathie & Steve
Cathie & Steve
Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza are handcraft designers, Emmy Nominated television hosts, book authors, lifestyle experts and the inventors of Hot Glue Gun Helpers. Their shows can be seen in the United States, Australia, South Africa, The Philippines and on the Armed Forces Network.  They were nominated for two Daytime Emmys. Cathie and Steve has also appeared on numerous network shows and specials for NBC, ABC, Discovery Channel, HGTV, DIY and Food Network.  Programs such as Rachael Ray, IVillage Live, View From the Bay and the Florence Henderson Show have featured their creative ideas.
Designer/author Norma Rapko shares easy tips for making fabulous Mod Podge picture frames.
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Skill Level: Beginner


Plaid ® Hot Glue Gun Helpers
Item #16288
Take the sting and mess out of working with hot glue guns. Our one-of-a-kind set of must-have tools will banish your hot glue woes! Set includes a mat, finger caps, tweezers, a paddle and a press wand. Created by Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza.


Plaid ® Brush Sets - Foam Brush Set of 4
Item #44246
Handy foam brushes are the perfect size for a variety of craft projects, including varnishing, basecoating and more. For use with waterbased finishes and paints only.


Plaid ® Wood Surfaces - Frames - Medium Memory Frame with Easel Back
Item #96286
Plaid Wood Surfaces are ready to paint, stain, decoupage, woodburn or embellish. Create unique items for yourself or to give as gifts.


Mod Podge ® Fabric, 8 oz.
Item #CS11218
Decoupage on fabric … why not? Simply use Fabric Mod Podge to apply paper prints or fabric swatches to wearables, totes, banners and more! An exciting new way to embellish your clothes and your home. As a sealer, machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle after 72 hours. Mod Podge ® is an all in one decoupage glue, sealer and finish.


Other Supplies
Medium to heavy weight fabric
Nonstick scissors
Hot glue gun and glue
Ribbons and trims
Silk flower petals
Buttons or gemstones


  1. Remove the center and post from the frame.  Measure around the frame and add 4” to each measurement.  Cut a piece of fabric to the determined measurement.  Place the fabric upside down on your work surface.
  2. Apply a coat of Fabric Mod Podge to the top of the frame.  Place the frame in the center of the fabric.  Flip over and smooth the fabric with your finger. 
  3. Working on the backside of the frame, apply Mod Podge to each corner.  Flip the fabric corners back and press into the Mod Podge.  Next, apply Mod Podge along the edges, flip the edge fabrics to the backside and press into the Mod Podge.  Allow to dry.
  4. Using scissors cut an “X” in the center of the fabric in the frame (where the picture goes).  Cut from corner to corner.  Apply Mod Podge, to the backside of the frame around the opening, bring the cut flaps to the backside and press into the Mod Podge.  Allow to dry.
  5. Decorate the frame with hot glue.  Use Hot Glue Gun Helpers, to help prevent burns when applying embellishments.  Hot glue ribbon around the outer and inner edge, apply a silk flower petal to the corner of the frame, hot glue a button in the center of the flower.
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