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FolkArt ® Enamels™ - 2 oz.
The ultimate paint for glass and ceramics, FolkArt ® Enamels are truly an artist's dream come...
FolkArt ® Enamels™ Paint Sets
FolkArt ® Enamels™ Paint Sets are perfect for small projects and gift making. Sets range from...
FolkArt ® Enamels™ Mediums
FolkArt ® Enamels™ Mediums provide additional flexibility to painting with FolkArt Enamels....

FolkArt Enamels

The perfect paint for glass and ceramics! Fabulous FolkArt® Enamels provide rich opaque color, an easy application and exceptional durability. Available in a fantastic color selection including brilliant metallics, FolkArt Enamels require no surface preparation—simply brush on to paint!  Air-dry or bake for a scratch-resistant finish that is top-shelf dishwasher safe.
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How to Use a Script Liner
This brush is used to do fine linework, tendrils of flowers, details and even lettering.
Popular FAQs
FolkArt® Enamels are non-toxic,however it is best to keep painted designs and food serving areas separate so that paint never comes into contact with food. When painting a plate for actual use, you must paint on the back using a method called Reverse Painting. more...
FolkArt® Enamels Clear Medium is used to create a transparent look without compromising the paint’s adhesion. It can also be used with the double-load technique to achieve just the right paint consistency for effects such as shadows and shading. FolkArt® Enamels Clear Medium can be used to seal painted areas as well.
Yes, FolkArt® Enamels are available in One Stroke colors. You will find them with the same names as regular FolkArt®.
Get tips on preparing glasses for painting, design ideas, and... more
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