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Eiffel Tower Window Art

By: Cathie & Steve
Cathie & Steve
Cathie & Steve
Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza are handcraft designers, Emmy Nominated television hosts, book authors, lifestyle experts and the inventors of Hot Glue Gun Helpers. Their shows can be seen in the United States, Australia, South Africa, The Philippines and on the Armed Forces Network.  They were nominated for two Daytime Emmys. Cathie and Steve has also appeared on numerous network shows and specials for NBC, ABC, Discovery Channel, HGTV, DIY and Food Network.  Programs such as Rachael Ray, IVillage Live, View From the Bay and the Florence Henderson Show have featured their creative ideas.
A deceptively simple Gallery Glass technique creates a towering masterpiece on an ordinary poster frame.
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Skill Level: Intermediate


Gallery Glass ® Mediums - Etching Medium, 2 oz.
Item #16044
Expand your decorating options - Create the look and feel of real etched glass. Use alone for an elegant look or incorporate Window Color ™ into your design.

Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ - Black Onyx, 2 oz.
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Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ simulates the look of cathedral stained glass on glass, mirrors, styrene & more. Also perfect for creating colorful reusable window clings. Its unique, water-based formula can be applied vertically or horizontally. Dries in 8 hours. cures in 7 days. Permanent on styrene and plexiglass, but removable on glass.

Gallery Glass ® Redi-Lead™ Strips - 24 inch lengths
Item #17041
Longer leading strips for borders and geometric designs as it allows fewer cuts and fewer "solder" joints. Includes 36 linear feet of leading.

Treasure Gold ® - Silver
Item #3080
In one simple step, Treasure Gold ® gives any project a rich metallic luster as beautiful as precious metals themselves. Just rub on Treasure Gold ® for glimmering shimmering highlights or full finishes on a variety of surfaces. For a brush on formula, try Liquid Leaf ®.

FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Pure Black, 2 oz.
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Premium, all-purpose acrylic paint for decorative crafts and home décor. Superior coverage. Exceptional brushability. Use on all porous surfaces. All colors are certified AP non-toxic, water-based, and acid neutral.

Other Supplies
Large frame
Decorative wood molding (less than 1 inch wide)
Paper towel
Heavy duty wood and glass glue
Velvet trim
Hot glue
Decorative wood fleur-de-lis
Paper Eiffel tower template
Rubbing alcohol or spray cleaner
Scrapbook paper
Tape or glue stick
Craft knife


1. Remove the glass and backing from the frame.  Working on the surface and not the edge of the frame, measure around the frame. Cut the wood molding into four pieces to fit the top of the frame. Paint the molding with Pure Black. Once dry, smear a paper towel into the Treasure Gold Silver and lightly dry rub over the painted molding. Use heavy duty glue to attach to the top of the frame. Hot glue velvet ribbon around the frame. Paint the wood Fleur-de-Lis in the same fashion, glue velvet ribbon around the centers and glue to the corners of the frame.

2. Make the cross bars by measuring across the glass. Cut two pieces of molding to this measurement. Paint and silver highlight as described in step one. Evenly space the cross bars across the frame and attach with glass glue.

3. Blow up a line drawing of the Eiffel Tower on a copier to fit the size of your frame (piece the image together if needed). Tape the design under the glass. Clean the glass with rubbing alcohol or spray cleaner.

4. Following the lines on the pattern, position Gallery Glass Redi-Lead™ Strips over the pattern lines. Overlap the lead lines where needed. Use a craft knife to trim the ends. For curves, gently guide the Lead Lines around the curves.

5. Using Gallery Glass Black Onyx, fill in large areas of the design. Work form edge to edge and use a pin to pop any air bubbles. Allow to dry.

6. Fill in selected areas with the Window Etch. This will create a frosted look. Allow to dry.

7. Using tape or a glue stick, collage scrapbook papers to the frame backing. Position the glass and backing into the frame and hang on the wall.


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