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Decorative Paper Pumpkin

By: Julie Lewis
Julie Lewis
Julie Lewis
Julie Lewis was destined to be an artist…at least that was what she was told from Kindergarten on. Born outside of Cleveland, Ohio, she was blessed to have been given an incredible art education all through her school years and from her creative and talented parents. Growing up in a world where every day brought some new creative adventure, it was no surprise that she went on to graduate from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a B.F.A. in graphic design. Her professional life included working in many fields from industrial advertising to American Greetings. Most gratifying was working as a designer for the largest craft company, Plaid Enterprises in Georgia where she now resides.She paints and creates felt soft sculptures inspired by said paintings and now sells them through her shop STELLALOLA on Etsy. She is inspired by many things around her…most importantly, a wonderful family, an insanely happy German Shepherd and one stoic Alaskan Malamut.
Vintage inspired pumpkin with a modern twist.
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Skill Level: Advanced


FolkArt ® Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paints - Licorice, 2 oz.
Item #2934
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Mod Podge ® Sparkle, 8 oz.
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Mod Podge ® Matte, 8 oz.
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Other Supplies
Paper Halloween Stencils #30993
Silver Tinsel Chenille Stem and Pom Pom
Assorted Scrapbook Papers
Flat Brush ½”
Stencil Brush ¼”
Celebrate It™ Halloween Birds – 271143
Celebrate It™ 6.5” pumpkin
Wax paper
Flat brush ½”
Paper towels
Foam plates
Water basin


Get everything you need to create this project from your local Michaels!

  1. Cut strips from assorted scrapbook papers using pattern. Apply a coat of matte to fronts of papers and let dry.
  2. Coats backs of paper strips with matte and apply around pumpkin as shown. Smooth away any bubbles and let dry at least twenty minutes. Seal entire pumpkin with several coats of matte.
  3. Place pumpkin face stencil onto flattest side of pumpkin and stencil with Licorice.
  4. Apply sparkle to paper for cone hat and let dry. Cut out, form cone and glue edges to seal.
  5. Glue silver tinsel chenille stem around edge of cone hat. Glue hat to pumpkin and attach pom pom to top of hat.
  6. Attach small crow to pumpkin as shown.

Project Tip: Use more traditional papers for a different look.

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