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Decoden Cat Mask

By: Cathie & Steve
Cathie & Steve
Cathie & Steve
Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza are handcraft designers, Emmy Nominated television hosts, book authors, lifestyle experts and the inventors of Hot Glue Gun Helpers. Their shows can be seen in the United States, Australia, South Africa, The Philippines and on the Armed Forces Network.  They were nominated for two Daytime Emmys. Cathie and Steve has also appeared on numerous network shows and specials for NBC, ABC, Discovery Channel, HGTV, DIY and Food Network.  Programs such as Rachael Ray, IVillage Live, View From the Bay and the Florence Henderson Show have featured their creative ideas.
Create a decoden Halloween mask with Collage Clay and a selection of beads and rhinestones.
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Skill Level: Beginner


Mod Podge ® Collage Clay - Vanilla White
Item #25144
Mod Podge ® Collage Clay is a lightweight whipped clay available in 2 colors, Pink & White. Use to embed decorated Mod Mold embellishments to create fresh and fun decoden or kawaii projects. Dries permanent in 24 hours. Use on any surface.


Other Supplies
Plastic cat mask
Gold rhinestones
Wax pencil
Silver rhinestones
Black beads


  1. Attach the star tip to the Collage Clay decorating bag.
  2. Begin at the ears and apply Collage Clay like you would ice a cake.  Start at the center of the ears and fill in the each ear area with the Collage Clay.  Embed the gold rhinestones into the clay using a wax pencil or your fingers.  Next add clay and gold rhinestones to the mouth area of the mask.  NOTE: when embedding press the rhinestone or bead into the clay. The clay should touch the entire bottom and edges of the item being embedded.
  3. Next add Collage Clay around the eye and nose area.  Embed silver rhinestones  into the Collage Clay.
  4. Next add Collage Clay to the rest of the mask.  It is best to do this in sections.  Embed the black beads into the Collage Clay. 
  5. For this design we left the center of the mask plain.

PROJECT TIP: When using Collage Clay on a large project it is best to work in sections.

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