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Chalkboard Heart Wall Plaque

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Skill Level: Beginner


Apple Barrel ® Colors - Black, 8 oz.
Item #20404
Versatile, high quality acrylic paint for crafts. Excellent coverage. Fast-drying. Use on all porous surfaces. All colors are AP certified non-toxic and waterbased.


FolkArt ® Chalkboard Paint - Hot Pink, 8 oz.
Item #2537
Now you can create a chalkboard writing surface on any piece of wood or even terra cotta! Our new chalkboard paint is great for decorating furniture, party favors or gifts. Easy to use: simply brush on, let dry and condition with chalk! Chalkboard paint is waterbased and non-toxic.


Other Supplies
Heart shaped wood plaque with holes
Jute cord
White and black wood beads
14–20 6" strips of ½" wide Hot Pink and Black patterned broadcloth
Coarse Sandpaper
Foam paintbrush


  1. Basecoat entire heart Black. Let dry.
  2. Paint 2 coats of Hot Pink Chalkboard Paint on top of black, letting dry between coats.
  3. When dry, sand edges to give a worn look.
  4. Thread two pieces of jute through black and white beads. Refer to photo. Tie ends through holes in heart at desired length.
  5. Tie small strips of pink and black fabric as desired between beads. Note: ravel edges to look old before tying. Trim length after tying to approximately 1”.
  6. Chalkboard paint should cure 24 hours before using. Lightly rub chalk over surface to condition.
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