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Chalk Painted Dresser

By: Kirsten Jones
Bring a sense of warmth to your space with this lovely chalk-painted dresser.
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Skill Level: Advanced


FolkArt ® Home Decor™ Chalk - White Adirondack, 8 oz.
Item #34150
FolkArt Home Decor Chalk is an ultra-matte chalk finish acrylic paint that requires minimal surface prep, is easy to distress and can be layered and sanded to give you a perfect aged look and feel. FolkArt Home Decor Chalk is great for furniture, cabinets, walls, decorative glass, metal and more.


FolkArt ® Home Decor™ Wax - Clear, 8 oz.
Item #34170
Use over FolkArt Home Decor Paint to seal and protect. Can also use on raw wood. Waterbase, non-toxic. Apply with brush or a clean, lint-free cloth. For long lasting shine and protection, apply Clear Wax every 6 to 12 months, or as needed. Clean while wet with soap and water. Keep waxed surfaces free of moisture and heavy use for 7 days. Not for exterior use.


FolkArt ® Home Decor™ Brushes - Chalk & Wax Brush set
Item #34909
Use with FolkArt Home Decor Chalk and Waxes to create smaller projects and get into small detailed areas.


FolkArt ® Home Decor™ Chalk - Vintage Victorian, 8 oz.
Item #34927
Paint furniture, cabinets, decorative items and craft projects. No priming or prep needed – paint over existing lacquer. Heavily pigmented paint provides one-coat coverage on most surfaces. Distress and age projects with ease – paint won’t “gum up” sandpaper. Brush-on Clear or Antique wax to add durability and protection to completed projects. Wax buffs to a soft glowing sheen. Waterbase; Non-Toxic. Soap & water cleanup.


Other Supplies
2" Flat brush
6 Light pink crystal knobs
Small 3-drawer dresser


  1. Mix paint to create a lighter color pink. In a paper bowl, mix together one part White and 1 part Vintage Victorian.
  2. Paint entire dresser with mixed light pink and let dry. Apply a second coat and let dry.
  3. Following instructions on Wax, apply wax to seal dresser. Let dry.
  4. Replace existing knobs with new crystal knobs.
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