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BoHo Necklace

Create a fashion statement using a bit of DMC floss and a wood stitchable from Handmade Charlotte.
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Skill Level: Intermediate


Other Supplies
Handmade Charlotte Wood Stitchable #46298: Tribal Elephant
DMC Floss Orange 3853
DMC Floss 907 Light Green
Various chains: charms; bead caps; beads; beaded chains; jump rings; head pins (use a variety of finishes)
Small piece of cardboard 1.5” x 2”


  1. Stitch the elephant according to the package directions. Set aside.
  2. Attach charms and other trinkets to the chains.
  3. Use a small piece of chain with jump rings on each end to connect the elephant to the necklace.
  4. Tassels: Wrap floss around the small piece of cardboard 10-12 times depending on thickness of a tassel you want. Slip a piece of floss under the fold of floss and tie tightly into a knot at the top, trim tails. Cut another small piece of floss. Slip the floss off the cardboard and using the small piece of floss tie a knot around the whole bunch of floss up near the top. Trim the tassel to about a 1.5”. Make 2 of each color floss. Insert a head pin up in the end of the tassels then add bead caps to the top of the tassels. Bend the wire around the pliers to form a closed circle. Use jump rings to attach the tassels to the chain.
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