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Antique Lace Special Occasion Set

Etching detailed designs on everyday glassware for that very special occasion has never been easier.
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Skill Level: Intermediate


Martha Stewart Crafts ® Dauber Set
Item #32946
Use daubers for small, hard to reach areas of stencils or adhesive silkscreens. Pouncing or swirling techniques create a soft texture. Use them to apply paint in an up-and-down dabbing motion, a technique that works well on most surfaces. Contains 6 daubers: 2-1/4in., 1-3/8in., 1-1/2in. and 2-3/4in.

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Etch Cream & Brush
Item #33222
Use to create realistic professional quality etching. Use with Martha Stewart Crafts® adhesive stencils, adhesive silkscreens or patterning tape to create a wide variety of designs. Kit includes 5.96oz glass etching cream, and brush. NOTE: Read Advisory if rinsing in porcelain, ceramic or marble sinks. Use with stainless steel or fiberglasss sinks only.

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Silkscreen - Antique Lace
Item #33234
Use adhesive silkscreens to create beautiful, highly detailed painted designs on glass or ceramic. Contains 1 adhesive sheet 8 1/2in x 11in, 4 designs, and instructions. Patented.

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Squeegee Set, 2pc
Item #33250
Use squeegees with Martha Stewart Crafts ® adhesive silkscreens and glass paint to create beautiful, detailed designs on glass and ceramic housewares and gifts. The four sided squeegee is ideal for flat, large surfaces. The curved, tapered squeegee works best on contoured, smaller surfaces. Contains two sizes for any project: 1-3 1/2in x 4 1/2in and 1-3 3/8in x 2 3/8in silicone squeegees. 2 total.

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Patterning Tape
Item #33255
Create plaids, stripes, checkerboards, and one-of-a-kind patterns with glass patterning tape. Low-tack, repositionable adhesive lets you adjust placement of tape without damaging your surface. Works on any clean, smooth surface. Contains 15 yd x 1in roll.

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Adhesive Stencils - Fancy Alphabet
Item #33274
Adhesive stencils are ideal for using on curved surfaces like vases, bottles, and pottery. Plus, they're repositionable and removable for precise placement. 4 adhesive stencils 5 3/4in x 7 3/4in, 64 designs, and instructions. Uppercase-1 3/4in h, Lowercase-5/8in h. Patented.

Other Supplies
Martha Stewart Crafts ® 2oz Metallic Opaque Glass Paint - Copper
Champagne flutes
Glass bottle
Ceramic tray
Rubbing alcohol
Paper towels
Foam plate
Rubber gloves
Water basin


  1. Wash surfaces in warm soapy water. Allow to dry. Wipe with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue.
  2. Cut out desired design elements for tray. Remove the backing from the silkscreen and set aside to later store the silkscreen. Position silkscreen on surface where desired; press in place. Use patterning tape to block off areas you don’t want paint.
  3. Using Copper, squeeze a small amount of paint onto solid edge of silkscreen. Holding squeegee tool at a 45° angle with light pressure, pull the paint across the opening of the silkscreen. Continue painting until the entire design area has been silkscreened. Set squeegee aside in container of water for cleaning. While paint is still wet, neatly and carefully lift silkscreen by peeling away from the glass surface. NOTE: Be careful not to drag silkscreen while removing it as your painted design may be blurred. 
  4. Wash silkscreens and tools immediately after use to remove excess paint. Do not allow paint to dry on silkscreen.
  5. Position silkscreen on glass surface where desired; press in place. Use glass patterning tape to block off areas you don't want to etch.
  6. Wear disposable gloves to protect hands. Pour a small amount of Etching Cream on your palette. Load etching cream generously on a natural bristle brush. Tap or pounce on a thick layer of Etching Cream. Apply a second coat if necessary. Let stand for 15 minutes.
  7. Rinse the etching cream off the silkscreen. Remove the stencil to reveal a beautiful etched design on the glass surface. 
  8. Clean all silkscreens, brushes, and tools immediately after use. Use Martha Stewart Crafts™ Brush & Stencil Cleaner for best results. Let dry. Attach dry stencil to backing to store for later use.
  9. To add initials or monograms to the flutes, peel alphabet stencil from backing sheet; set backing aside and save for future storage. Position adhesive stencil on glass surface where desired; press in place.
  10. Squeeze a small amount of Copper paint onto foam plate. 
  11. Load the flat bottom edge of the foam Spouncer with glass paint by dabbing into the puddle of paint. Dab a few times more on a clean spot on the foam plate to ensure you have the entire foam Spouncer loaded properly.
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