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What is the best stenciling technique to use when stenciling with FolkArt Milk Paint?
When stenciling with FolkArt Milk Paint, it is best to use a dry brush technique. Make sure your stencil brush is properly loaded and excess milk paint has been removed. To load the stencil brush, dab the bristles into a small puddle of FolkArt Milk Paint and remove most of the paint by dabbing a paper towel. Stencils can be taped or held in place. When stenciling, hold the stencil brush vertically, and keeping the flat portion of the bristles flat to the surface, touch the stencil and begin stenciling using a circular motion moving clockwise then counter-clockwise.
NOTE: It is best to begin at the outer edges of the stencil design working toward the center. Stenciled designs can remain clean and crisp as stenciled or when dry sanded slightly to create an aged, distressed look.
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