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What are Fabric Creations™ Soft Fabric Inks?
Fabric Creations™ Soft Fabric Inks are specially formulated to be used with Fabric Creations™ Block Printing Stamps. Formulated with the perfect consistency that is not too thick and not too thin, Fabric Creations™ Soft Fabric Ink applies perfectly onto the raised face of the stamp design without flooding the recesses of the molded block stamp
These fabric inks are non-toxic, waterbase, manufactured in the USA and are available in a wide range of colors from the basic color palette to metallics, as well as current on-trend fashion colors! Clean up is easy with mild soap and water. Once cured and heat set, Fabric Creations™ Soft Fabric Inks can either be hand-washed or machine laundered. However, as with all hand decorated items, it is always best to hand wash in cold water and allow to air dry which will increase the life of your project.
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