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How can I make a seal with embossing powder?
1. If you are creating a embossing seal for the flap of an envelope moisten flap and adhere where you are going to place the embossing seal. This will prevent the flap from moving as you apply the embossing powder and the heating tool.
2. Create a pile of embossing powder using about a ½ teaspoon of powder on the envelope flap where you want the seal. Place ½ the powder on the flap and ½ on the envelope. Remove excess dust outside of the seal area with a soft paintbrush.
3. Use Heat It™ tool to heat embossing powder until the powder is completely shiny. You should not be able to see any grains. Turn off the heat tool and set aside.
4. Immediately put stamp in the molten powder. Hold down with pressure for several seconds. Lift stamp straight up and out. Allow project to completely cool before touching it.
Please note that embossing powder is not flexible the way true sealing wax is. We do not recommend that letters with embossed seals get sent through the mail as the seal may crack or break.
For a variation on your seal, load stamp with pigment ink, then press into molten embossing powder.
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