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Ashley Hackshaw
posted: 12/18/2009

I've always loved creating things. I grew up with a very crafty, creative mother and I have two very crafty, creative grandmothers that I was fortunate enough to spend a little time with at a young age before they passed away.

I learned to sew at an early age. It was the best "crafty" skill my mother taught me. I learned to paint in college at Wake Forest University from an amazing art teacher Page Laughlin. I was a mathematics major and ended up going into the financial industry, sometimes working 100 hours a week. Don't ask me how.....but I ended up in Leveraged Finance structuring and underwriting financing for oil companies.

After 6 busy years in investment banking (and somewhere in there getting my MBA), I started accepting painting commissions for colleagues in the little spare time I had. One day I just quit my job (well, actually I asked for a leave of absence to go and caddy for my little sister Perry). I was tired of never coming home the same day I went to work. I never ended up caddying for her....I ended up painting, sewing, drilling, journaling, mitre-sawing.....full time!

Originally a portrait artist, I started working on nursery and personalized children's paintings while searching for special gifts for friends and family. I could never seem to find that one-of-a-kind special keepsake gift so I just started creating special gifts myself...so my painting morphed into personalized nursery art and small nursery pieces that local stores would begin to carry. I've just begun offering them in my Lil Blue Boo Etsy store as well.

My blog Lil Blue Boo is where my love of painting, power tools, sewing and motherhood all intersect.....patterns, tutorials, photos, t-shirts, tantrums, etsy, beads, rocks, buttons, fabric, leaves, thread, ribbon, paint, dye, paper, tape, wood.........if only there were more hours in the day! I work very hard to come up with original projects. Basically I just love to make things....and I try to come up with a new idea everyday.