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Redesigned Trays with Polka Dots
By: Soul Noir
Category: Decoupage
Products Used:  
FolkArt Paint
Mod Podge

I bought two breakfast trays from Goodwill for one dollar total knowing full well that I did not like the kitty design.
Now 6 months later I opted to take my first try at Modge Podging to create a new polka dot look.

I used Folk Art Paint - Parakeet and did several coats to get a 'clean slate.' I should add I did the project over 3 days in between a multitude of other things. Once the base coat looked even enough I used the bottom of the Folk Art bottle to make circles on some purple I had from a scrapbook kit I bought. Pretty much from there I arranged the dots as mirrored as possible on both then I did modge podge gloss over it and finished with the Acrylic Sealer.

Hope you like them...its merely my first try at what seems like major fun others are having with these creative projects. :)


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