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Q: What are the curing instructions for Martha glass and craft paint?
Paint is permanent after air drying for 21 days or can be baked to expedite permanence.

Bake-to-Cure Method: Make sure the paint is dry to the touch before baking. Remember also to put the project into a cool oven before turning on the heat. This will allow the paint to increase in temperature gradually. If there is some moisture still in the paint film, the rising temperature will drive out the moisture before curing starts. If there is moisture in the film and the project is placed into a pre-heated oven, the temperature of the paint film will rise quickly and start curing too soon, which can trap moisture and cause the paint to bubble as moisture tries to escape.

Please note: Fine Glitter Glass Paint, Glitter Craft Paint and Coarse Glitter Craft Paint cannot be baked and must air dry for 21 days for permanence.


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How many hours may I wait before oven curing Martha Stewart opaque glass paint; and does a longer period of air drying prior to oven curing improve the durability of the finish?

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I have been baking my glassware in my oven for over 6 years. The last 2 times I baked wine glasses, the one on the right side of the oven broke. Has anyone had this happen? I know the oven is at least 25 years old. I can't afford to replace it, but can't afford to keep breaking my glasses! Any suggestions for baking glassware besides replacing the oven? I am going to discontinue putting glasses on the right hand side. The base of the glass breaks 5 minutes after the glasses go in, they go into a cold oven at 325 for 30 min.

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What about wine glasses?

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Thank you for your comments regarding our Martha Stewart Glass and Craft paint. Oven curing instructions only apply to glass that is oven safe. Glass ornaments are not considered oven safe, and speed curing is not a requirement since the ornament does not need to be dishwasher safe. Air Curing is recommended for glass ornaments. We apologize for any confusion. Plaid Team

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I followed these instructions on glass ornaments with the paint on the inside. Baked to the instructions and they are burned and unusable..

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